There used to be a time, not too long ago, when men wouldn’t dare consider leaving the house without their #hat. I’m not talking about a baseball hat, I’m talking about a full on Mad Men Don Draper style hat. So what happened? Sources Below.



  1. You make a very good point here, I would not wear a hat for years after leaving the Army as the beret was always worn then a chefs hat at work (again in the Army) but now, I am MUCH older I have gone back to wearing one.
    I still have not found the perfect one so the search goes on but that will not be a baseball cap.

  2. You are not wearing a hat, you are wearing a cap. A hat has a brim all around the circumference. And kindly take your cap off indoors, especially in a restaurant.

  3. Yes Men all over the world stop wearing hats as Trends change, but in America the males wear baseball caps everywhere, notice I said males and not men cuz when you dress like a child you're just a boy

  4. Joe, interesting om hats, but i disagree some. Skin cancer is a dam good reason to wear a wide brimed hat, not a ballcap. I remember the snap brim fedoras, which Indian Jones wore, which were / are still popular. Personally i wear many diff ones. You are too young to know reality of hats. Nice try though

  5. All of the jackasses in the area I live in wear ballcaps. It's an unstated tradition that if someone is wearing one of those and has a beard, that they're trouble makers.

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