Why a New York mum makes crazy hats to wear while she’s on the move in the city

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Over the past four years, Lee-jung Kim has made more than 1,000 brightly coloured hats which she wears while she goes about her daily routine in New York City. Lee says her first creation was a crown she made for a friend as a birthday gift. It inspired the 47-year-old mother to keep making butterfly-shaped headgear for a long-term project that has helped her connect with her daughter and other New Yorkers.

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  1. She isnt ashamed to be happy and be herself. She doesnt need to follow societies standards to be beautiful she just needs to be herself

  2. Beautiful Creative Art.& Drawing,
    It's Like A Story Book With Colorful
    Hat's , It Also Can Inspire Your
    Daughter In The Future To Write A
    Book About it. Keep Going, It's Beautiful.
    All Love.

  3. As I was watching this, I thought, "There are people born with equally remarkable things that set them apart from everyone else". Her honest confession about being scared of judgement was touching. Our differences can be a reason to fear one another, but can also be the reason we celebrate each other! I <3 my 'FrEaKs'!!!

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