Where Cookies Tell Fortunes – a twisted comedy by Mad Hats Theatre

Fortune cookies, rumored to be a Chinese tradition, were actually invented in USA. Yet today, it is rare to finish a Chinese meal without a fortune cookie. Sometimes, nothing is how it seems and everything is about something else.

This comedy from Mad Hats Theatre is a unique, witty tale told in a first-of-its-kind narrative in perspective theatre style… Its a tribute to creativity and passion of theatre artists across the world on the occasion of World Theatre Day

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Synopsis: Where Cookies Tell Fortunes is a twisted comedy involving a series of tangled events that unfold around diners at The Yin Yang Bistro – dating couples, friends and family members. These people find themselves on a crazy journey of time – together yet separate. And amidst this chaos are unveiled stories of love, life and more. This play promises to tickle your funny bone, engage your senses and keep you guessing at every turn!

Written and Directed by: Puneet Gupta

Dhanya Menon, Gautham Narendran, Mohammed Saif, Nevin Pearl, Neeraj Baji, Prateek Gantayat, Sonam Rai, Swagata Saikia, Sweta Garg, Varun Kumar, Vijay Ashok Sharma

Set & Props: Anurag Maheshwari, Sweta Garg, Neeraj Baji
Costumes & Make-up: Swetha Krishnan, Chhavi Lahoti, Sejal Maheshwari
Lights Design: Arun Bhat
Publicity: Puneet Gupta, Swetha Krishnan, Kundan Kumar, Medini Mangala
Photography: Ruby Jha


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