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  1. I 1000% agree that Robin's bounty makes no sense. This 100 year void is a huge deal in the world of one piece. She is also the only person to read the poniglyphs and like you mentioned, survived essentially 2 buster calls. It was hinted too I believe during the zou or whole cake arc that robin would eventually be sought out by emperors since they know she can read the road poniglyphs… I get that she is not a powerhouse but she is extremely important not just to the crew but to the whole world.

    Also its known by CP9 that Franky inherited the blueprints of an ancient weapon… so how is bounty is also low makes no sense to me.

  2. I think that general franky on poster is not only a gag but a way to notify vegapunk that his dream has been accomplished by franky and tie him in the story.🧐

  3. I think the SH bounties will be
    Luffy-5 B
    Zoro- 2B
    Sanji- 1.37B
    Jinbei- 900M
    Robin- 650M
    Brook- 290M

    Potential SH candidates:
    Carrot- 330M
    Yamato- 500 M

  4. Usopp always gets credit for things he didn't do he will get credit for turning the gifters he was shooting the kibidango in Kaidos forces mouths,think abou it.

  5. I think luffy's bounty should become $3,200,000,000 after wano, not too high not too low just right close to shanks but not too far. The achievement of even fighting a yonko and survivng and landing good hits is good enough to make him a great pirate. And remember shanks says when you become a great pirate you can return the hat, not you have to be a great pirate to visit me. I don't even think luffy should beat kaido like all his other enemies. I believe he should put up a fight and then someone stops them(shanks) or kaido sees that he won't win or luffy got potential so he says its a draw and tell him after he becomes pirate king they should fight again. Kaido could just acknowledge luffy's power and leave not even caring about wano, luffy gets his achievement, wano people get free, simple and done. If kaido was to lose by a knockout(like luffy's previous enemies) it would make the world unbalanced.

  6. I will retort your Blackbeard argument with another one. Blackbeard is one the move currently and will either get an ancient weapon or another devil fruit. I predict that Blackbeard will get a massive jump in his bounty by the end of wano as well as Shanks, because Shanks and Luffy have to be on the same type of level ground. Also there’s a pattern where Luffy’s bounty becomes higher than the opponent he defeated. For example Crocodile’s bounty was 86 million. At the end of the alabasta arc Luffy’s was 100 mil. Or when he defeated Katakuri, after Luffy defeated him his bounty jumped 1.5 bil. Whilst Katakuri’s was at a little over 1 bil. So I think by the end of wano Luffy will get a bounty higher than Kaido’s. Since his is 4.6 billion I estimate Luffy’s will be between 4.7 to 5 billion.

  7. I think zoro's bounty will be 2.6billion or 1.6billion cause I got the number 6 from zoro how just add roku which means 6 in japanese that's why I think it will be 2.6 or 1.6

  8. Honestly I think luffy s bounty will rise to like 4+ billion because the main thing is that he is a huge threat to the WG, plus they killed his brother so he has the potential to attack them

  9. Apoo has been taking pictures of CPO and the battlefield… which he will sell to Big News Morgan's office (somewhere in Wano). The Scratchman tried chasing Yamato, trying to recruit her to his pirate crew!
    Apoo must have already pictures of Yamato….if Morgan publishes her pictures….one of those frames will become her wanted poster!
    As the offspring of a Yonko, her bounty will rival Big Mom's strongest sons!

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