1. Oh my brothers my sisters in China how you doing kind of like this weird face dancing stuff but I got something more important for all of us.
    Do you want to live in a free world do you want your government to work for you instead of you working for your government do you know what's going on in Ukraine right now well I'm going to tell you it's time for all free minded people in the world to stand up and saying nothing we're not going to take it anymore and it's time for all the free countries in the world the band together and tell this dictator Putin that you're done you threaten us with nuclear war you threaten us with killing our women and children and babies and destroying our cities we see that you're serious because you're doing that right now in Ukraine killing women children and babies so as an American and I am an American free and proud I'm going to tell the rest of the world it's time to stand up and be a free person of this planet please please stand up I know I'm your communist countries a lot of you will be maimed hurting in prison but I'm going to tell you the war is here it's not coming it's here and the free and the brave will win the war and I hope you're on our side my God I hope you're on our side

  2. That's pretty cool I was watching it there man the three guys it was like I don't know it start making me dizzy watching them blinking and making all that stuff move on her face cool cool keep it up brother and sisters Craig

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