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Three scientists (Scarlett Johansson, Kyle Mooney, Mikey Day) receive a shock when they debut their invention, a machine that translates for pets.

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  1. This is exactly what’s wrong with this country if somebody likes something that other people don’t they scould them. What gives y’all people the right to do that. How can they not see how bad f a person that makes them. Is everybody not in-titled to there own opinion’s. Shits crazy.. How can you think it’s right to want to fight somebody over liking somebody. I mean Biden is so great right.

  2. Trump should have known the rich wasn't going for the border protection because that would stop their cheap labor but what the rich doesn't understand is… They are giving America away, literally.

  3. Sad to say but in just 5 years time a skit with even a fraction of this sense of humor would be labeled as too offensive. 🤡🌏 Where Humor is the first causality of The Narrative.

  4. Funny how guns are ok here when it's funny to shoot a conservative. I thought guns were evil and they should all be banned? Also funny cause they are all rich white people giving their opinions about everything when they actually have no idea. Hypocrisy

  5. This is actually quite funny…clearly how the left views conservatives (dumb animals who don't have a right to think for themselves), and the arrogant, hysterical, intolerant and judgmental way they condescend to anyone (or anything) that doesn't think like them…one of my favorite SNL sketches!

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