Tilley Hats Made In China??

So now some Tilley Hats are Made In China. This is sad news.

Also see my Made In USA photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/areaguides/albums/72157703227564981
and my Made In USA video playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEwYYQha4Mn15OSzbq6rOqCAMIIQTk_wB


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  1. They don't even give you the instruction manual anymore. They expect you to get it on the Tilley website. The North American service office used to be 10 minutes from me, but it has been gone for months now.

  2. I know I'm quite young but I've enquired I would say quite an old Tilley hat pass down it's in near-perfect shape all original brass I'm just curious with this one possibly have been made in China previously in the early days of Tilly or is this more of a new thing

  3. My old one is worn out on top. It's an ltm6, with lifetime warranty. They said they'd send me a new one if I destroy and send picture. Now that they're made in China , I think I'll keep it with the holes. There are lots of identical China made ones for half tilleys price. Americans are making some great hats . I'll be looking in to them.

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