The Problem with "The Best Aquarium Light"

Let’s talk about aquarium lighting and why there is a problem with “the best aquarium light.”

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  1. i have jbl lighting i have two units one rgb one white light an you can controle it with remote control if i want to go wifi it cost you 169 euro only for the wifi control thats mad !!!

  2. I do love YouTube and the wealth of information on the spot and my only COMPLAINT with the YouTube is that the notification bell has to be the best idea for the majority of the livestreaming Creators and the worst thing about YouTube is the fact that it has happened to me ( & you ) AGAIN 😡 Today I was finally getting around to the liked videos from the last 3 years and I realized that I have not seen any of your videos lately and the 1st thought was your change of employment and I was not sure so sure enough that notification was turned off . I have never turned you off or anyone , yet it has happened to me and @ least 5 times w/multiple channels in the 3 years 🤔 omg is there any way to prevent this BP ? Have a little catching up with your channel & then I will be going over the rest of my subscriptions

  3. quite right. There is no "The best.".A simple question to the people asking for the best, "what do you need it for?" quickly reveals a bunch of constraints and a more sensible approach: what light do I need

  4. Hey Bentley, what would you recommend for heavily planted Nano 30x30x30cm cube. I would like to bring out the reds in the rotala rotundifolia of course under nitrate limitation. Should I blast everything on 100% except blues on the Fluvial Plant nano 3.0 for 8 hours or go for something else?

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