The Highest Scoring Dive EVER!

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Matthew Mitcham made diving history at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. At the Men’s 10m platform, the Australian, who was in second place after 5 out of 6 dives, needed the highest score dive in diving history to beat Zhou Luxin of China – and he delivered!

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  1. This video is outdated already. The highest score in diving is no longer 112.10. It's now 112.75 in the Olympic, and 123 elsewhere for the 4.5 turns in Pike position by Yang Jian.

  2. How come the women's dives don't go up to the same difficulty as the men's? Is it cause they can't perform them or are they not allowed?

  3. I'm completely confused by the editing in this video. First they show a dive of him doing twist and whatever else. Then in the replay they show him doing a dive of only flips. Which one was the highest scoring dive? You are showing 2 different dives.

  4. Короче Вера Засулич, только мужик. Та не могла клеточку на костюме подобрать, прежде, чем в генерал-губернатора стрелять, а этот подмышки не побрил перед победой на ОИ.

  5. Human scoring is subjective, and the judges change from competition to competition. Therefore, “records” involving scoring in judged events like diving, gymnastics, and figure skating are essentially meaningless. It WAS an outstanding dive though.

  6. Didn’t realise they palm their hands into the water to probably stop the impact yo their foreheads. Even tho they want minimal splash. Science baby.

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