[Teaching Video]How to make 3D embroidery on cap with Honpo two heads embroidery machine

Needle:15 needles
Function: Cap, Tshirt and Flat embroidery
Speed: 1200SPM
Computer:Topwisdom 10″ LCD TouchScreen
16 languages
Embroidery area:380*500mm
X-57 servo motor, Y-86 servo motor
Product Manager’s WhatsApp: +8618810549043

Our computerized embroidery machine can embroider hat,cap,clothing,jeans,bag,shoes,carpet,towel,scarf,sari and any others you want. If you want to embroider your own design and start your business at home or make embroidery more easily and automatically in your big factory, Honpo embroidery machines can help you.

Honpo embroidery machines support 16 languages, including: English, Portuguese, Turkish, Thai, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese, French, Russian, Dutch, German, Arabic, Romanian, Polish, Hebrew, Chinese.

Advantage of our embroidery machine comparing to other machines:
1. The main body of the embroidery machine has been redesigned and reoptimized, the body is about 20% heavier than ordinary machines, the center of gravity of the machine is more stable, the machine runs more quietly and smoothly, and the embroidery speed is increased by 25%.
2. The guide rail transmission system adopts imported high-precision bearings (NSK bearing, Japan), the belt adopts imported series (Megadyne belt, Italy), and the control system is deeply optimized, so the embroidery effect is greatly improved, and all kinds of stitches can be perfectly embroidered, the small letters perfectly restore the design effect, the tatami is more flat and the grain is clear, and the edge of the next needle is smooth, which is suitable for the embroidery of high-end products.
3. The thread channel part has been redesigned, the thread is smoother, reducing the effect of unstable stitches and effect caused by a non-smooth thread channel, and reducing the accidental situation of broken threads and broken needles caused by a non-smooth thread.
4. XY control drive part adopts advanced low pressure closed loop drive, the movement is smoother and quieter, the efficiency has been greatly improved, and the embroidery effect has also been greatly improved.

Shenzhen Honpo Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, sales, production and after-sales service. We focus on R&D and production of automation + high quality embroidery machine and the best service to all our customers. The main products we manufacture are single head embroidery machine, cap embroidery machine, finished garments embroidery machine, shoes embroidery, multifunctional sewing and embroidery machine, laser cutting and embroidery machine, customized service of intelligent and automatic sewing equipment. Our company has powerful technology ability, strict quality management, complete working facilities, excellent manufacturing craftsmanship, advanced detective methods, excellent product quality, fine environment and perfect after-sales services. We warmly welcome the visit and negotiation of friends from all over the world. Address: shenzhen city, Guangdong Province, China.

Marco: Product Manager


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