Chinese Hat Dance | Led by Sally Huang

This year, we present our 13th annual Fall Showcase, “The Bridge Between our Generations.” Thank you to all of Ironman, Performers, Members, and Board. A very special thank you to this year’s event chairs, Amy San and Vivian Phan; this showcase couldn’t have been as successful as it was without them. —————————————- ▷ Editor |… Continue reading Chinese Hat Dance | Led by Sally Huang

Asian Style – Ulzzang Style! Hats are Cute! heyy im back again with another asian ulzzang style! yesss everybody is wearing hats in this vid, hope u will enjoy it. the vid features many popular ulzzangs including mikki, park tae jun (gosh i love him xD), pony, park boram, sua etc!! i’ll be sure to make more soon 🙂 source