Making Veil Brim for fascinator snd cocktail hats

This video is for making a veil brim. We got a lot of inquiry about how to making a veil brim, While we have more tools for make our products, here is some simple method to making a veil brim for most of people who would love to make a veil brim fascinator or hat.… Continue reading Making Veil Brim for fascinator snd cocktail hats

Tip of the day ( what do you do with old hats)

Do you have old hats at home? Not sure what to do with them.. well, I have an idea.. Watch my video and see.. Also below is a list of things I used and you can get them on amazon. Silk Flowers Hot glue Hot glue gun Acrylic Paint source

Feather Hats (1955)

Pollen Street, London. High angle shot of several cardboard boxes full of brightly coloured feathers. Handfuls of blue feathers are taken out of one of the boxes by a milliner. She takes them to a table where a group of women are sitting making feathered hats. The narrator explains the process over M/Ss and C/Us… Continue reading Feather Hats (1955)

Derby Hats Kevin & Angel 2014

Kevin and Angel of Asians and Friends Chicago talk about how to make creative hats in the style of the Kentucky Derby as a Year of the Horse theme for their organization’s upcoming Chinese New Year’s Dinner. Visit for more information. Video presented by source