Soviet Threat, Hack Green, Spring 2022

A look at some of the Cold War displays at spring Soviet Threat

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0:00 Introduction
0:11 Malayan Emergency Display
3:30 Chinese 1960s Display
14:30 Bundeswehr Display



  1. For those who choose to suffer through the wind noise my sincere apologies, I was forced to rely on the camera microphone due to an issue with my audio recording kit.

  2. Excellent show, was the first time my group had been and we all had a great time. Really looking forward to going to the next one. Was great to meet you too,your own display was brilliant and found it all really interesting

  3. Really nice video! Can you tell me how long the No5 jungle carbine was used? I know there was a claim that they did not hold zero, however I have not found that to be the case, at least with mine. I suspect the claim was false in order to force a move to SLR type rifles.

  4. Under Soviet Doctrine the AK was considered a big submachinegun from their experience of mass deployment of SMGs from the war, they liked the high fire rate compared to slow bolt-actions but wanted a longer range. German development of the StG was in the exact opposite direction, coming from a downsizing of the machine gun and rifle, allowing for closer engagements as rifle caliber range was undeeded in the close urban fighting often found.
    Two different doctrines and developments coming to fundamentally the same thing, a select-fire intermedite caliber rifle which is pretty cool

  5. An excellent event, have been attending for many years and this was one of the best, particularly the non-aligned countries , so much so that I joined the group portraying the Swiss army. A big thumbs up to all involved with this event.

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