Social Distancing Hats Chinese Schools

Life has slowly started to return to normal in some parts of China. To make sure small children in school maintain social distance, a Chinese school has a unique idea. Yangzheng Elementary School in Hangzhou, asked the students to design hats that measure 1 meter (3.2 feet) across for coronavirus safety practices. The hats will have two wing-like flaps. The kids have added their own creative ideas to it. With these hats, the schoolchildren will not have to think how far to stand from their peers. Their wide, winged hats will do social distancing for them. Some children made their long flaps from colourful cardboard tubes; some made it out of balloons. Some decorated the flaps with birds, leaves and rainbows. The children were very creative.

Hong Feng, the school’s principal said, “The children have returned to the school after months of being at home. We’re encouraging students to wear such hats at social distances.” This type of hat is teaching the students about social distancing and also teaching them history as the hats are similar to those worn during the Song Dynasty. Eileen Chengyin Chow, a professor at Duke University explained on Twitter, “. The hats were actually used to keep people away from each other so they wouldn’t gossip. This was also a form of social distancing. However they were not as adorable as the ones made by the kids to wear in the classroom. This shows that there is a lot to learn from the past and that old ideas can always be used in modern times.

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