Sabian B8 14 Inch Hi Hats (Review And Sound Demo)

This is a review and sound demonstration of the Sabian B8 14 inch Hi Hats. I bought these hi hats for my drum set because I wanted a set of cymbals that didn’t cost a lot, and were quite durable. I am very pleased with them, and I hope that this video allows you to see that they offer a good bang for your buck. Whether you are a beginner drummer that is looking for an inexpensive set of hi hats or an intermediate drummer that is looking for a pair of hats to bring to practice, the Sabian B8’s should be on your list!

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  1. What happened to your Sabian XS series cymbals? They are a tad better than B8's. Made from the same material/same way as the AA's. B8's are still great starter cymbals, I had them as a kid. Also, do you still have your Yamahas?

  2. Is that the only thing you can play? Like seriously, if you are a "drum teacher"

    1. Drum mics
    2. Learn more beats, you always do the same.
    3. Maybe some light?

  3. I started with b8 hi-hat's and got used to the sound. When I could I bought a much more expensive set of hi-hat's but, ended up returning to the b8's because they had become part of "my" sound. They're a lot heavier than many hi-hat's and produce a heavier sound as a result. The metal they use has a very high copper content giving them a unique sound among brass hi-hat's. Another nice thing is that you can usually find a set used for less than $30.

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