1. too bad i'm from an area too far to order these.. believe it or not, but i was thinking of combining B8 and B20 cymbals to make hi-hats just a few days ago ) it sounds great, it should have fit my band's heavy sound, it costs reasonably..but it just can not be mine, alas )

  2. @GreenbrierPercussion well, even if you do.. i mean that the shipping bill to eastern europe should probably double the price of the thing, which makes it senseless to buy. it's only my guess, though..

  3. "So Stephen, is there some type of deep metaphorical meaning pertaining to the name "Combat hats"? I'm sure that it reflects the sound in some sort of an underlying metaphorical manner."

    "Eh, not really?"

    "Oh. Uh, well why the name then?"

    "Cause' they're freakin' sick"

  4. They look a lot like a "Sound-Edge" version of the AA Metal-X (now AA Metal) Hats. Really awesome tone! I'll keep these in mind for a future investment. They definitely sound like they would work well for metal drummers.

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