Russia asks China for Weapons against Ukraine

Russia has formally requested that China provide weapons and supplies to help sustain operations in Ukraine. If Beijing agrees then this would be the first major proxy war between China and the United States in the 21st Century.

Meanwhile, a single act of personal courage from a Russian news editor has inspired the world – Marina Ovsyannikova



  1. I think the Ukrainians are putting on a valiant defense, but there is a lot of evidence showing that they are in horrible shape as well, just like the Russians. Supplies are imploding, and there are encirclements beginning to form around these forces in the East.

    Nothing is a done deal, but if Russia does encircle significant forces in the East, much of the ability of the country to continue the war will erode.

  2. Not saying any of this is right but US should have thought twice before providing arms to Ukraine. Of course China is going to support Russia. Tit for tat. No big surprises here.

  3. I think China will sway this whole Ukraine / Eastern Europe war one way or the other. The tea leaves seems to show that they sadly will fully support Russia's war and funding of said war (trade)… which would equate to WW3. I still have some hope however that China does not.

  4. Oh, he read my mind. Initially was worried about China sending arms. However, those bullets aren't going to walk themselves to the front lines. Those guns aren't going to fire themselves. Unless China invests billions and completely transforms Russia's military, or sends their own troops in, I don't see it really making any difference. Same with the economy. We'll see what they do though. Just feel bad for civilians.

  5. If China supports Russia it means Taiwan invasion will not be soon, but with this move they kind of telling Russia, if they will succeed they will need to help China later.

  6. Banning the Russian Blue cat, a democratic loving pianist and Rachmaninov, that has to be an American idea right? I think the Americans would better off if the Oompah Loompah is taken out of the running for presidency because of his illegal activities, irrelevant of whether or not Putin supported him as a candidate. Putin is more than likely highly entertained by Trump and his bull 💩 and that just speaks volumes as to the kind of person Trump is. Surely the USA has far greater offerings for a presidential candidate 🤔 🙏 🇺🇦 🕊 💔

  7. Cats are innocent, but Russians support Putin. Current sanctions against the whole Russian economy may create new areas of Democracy as it was after the collapse of CCCP (Soviet union). Sadly Putler's opposition is impacted.

  8. Actually, all of this shows me how irrelevant and weak China is. Instead, it shows how powerful the west is with money, tools, aide, weapons etc.

  9. If you have to ask a nation 4000 miles away for handouts to fight a war on your border, whoever is incharge of your logistics needs to replace the captain of their brainship, becuase he is drunk at the wheel.

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