Rubik's Twist 36 Pieces (MEDIUM LEVEL) – Chinese Hat / Mũ quan trung quốc

Rubik’s Snake 36 pieces is the higher level of Rubik’s Snake 24 pieces so that we can make more difficult and beautiful shapes. It’s has 3 level: EASY, MEDIUM & HARD and it’s numbered for your convenience to watch.
A few other names of Rubik’s Snake : Rubik’s Twist, Rubik’s Transformable Snake, Rubik’s Snake Puzzle, Magic Snake, Smiggle Snake Puzzle, Line Cube, 扭計蛇, ルービックスネーク, Зме́йка Ру́бика, งูของรูบิค, rubik rắn, rubik dài, stick puzzle, مسطرة روبيك, rubik cube…)


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