Red Chinese Hat Plant Flowers / Mandarin's Hat Flowers

Holmskioldia sanguinea, commonly called the Chinese hat plant, cup-and-saucer-plant or mandarin’s hat.

When i was a child i didn’t know this plant’s name. There was a Beautiful small tree with red hat like flowers in my hometown. I really loved the tree and was playing going round the tree. I even named the flower as ‘Topi Hoova’ which literally means ‘Hat flower’. I was saying ‘Topi Hoova’ ‘Topi Hoova’ and was playing going round the tree happily.

But now as an adult i searched for the plant’s name in the internet. Turns out the plant’s name is ‘Chinese Hat Plant’. I felt really happy thinking that unknowingly i had already named the plant as Topi Hoova plant (Hat Flower plant). This plant is one of my favorite plants.


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