[RDR2] TIPS TRICKS // NeW AuStin Free RoaM + NeW AuStin HaTs & MasKs | Chinese SkuLL Cap

Free Roam Video Of Arthur In New Austin Aquiring The Chinese Skull Hat

Red Dead Redemption 2



  1. Bro it would be amazing if you could make a video how to start+finish element trail treasure with this wagon method.
    EDIT: btw it would be amazing if you got a way to make a safegame with this waggon somewhere near strawberry 😀

  2. Hey I watched ur vid that how to steal braithweith horses after I get the white one when I get back to the camp it's normal Arabian again
    Do I do this
    After getting the breaithwaith horse do I need to save it so I can get it permanently?
    Pls reply

  3. Guys help me pls when I steal the horse from braithwaeit after getting it it's back to normal pls help guys doni save it after putting a saddle on it ?
    Pls reply guys

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