Paddle boarding to China Man's Hat + Hike | ROC inflatable paddle board review | 4K

Join us on our beach day as we attempt to learn how to paddle board in Kualoa beach park, famous for China man’s hat (Mokoli’i) Island. You can tell we are total beginners because we were holding the paddle backwards the entire video…😞But it was such a fun day, this beach is so beautiful, and we even add in a Surprise hike!


Check out our unboxing review of the ROC paddle board:

Here is the link to the paddle board we bought:

Camera Used:
Gopro Hero 7 Black:
Canon M50 Mirrorless Camera:

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  1. this paddle board was super cool! it got you to china mans hat and wasnt deflated after you climb the top of the island! awesome! i thought it was super funny when the branch took your hat for a second lol so cool the turtle was swimming with you guys 😀 , Hawaii is so beautiful we want to visit it someday and my mom wants to relax in the hammock like you wife at the end 🤗

  2. Amazing views from China Man's Hat! I will probably never make it there because I would be too scared to kayak or paddle board! 🤣 Looked like the paddle board worked out pretty good! Great video and rewiew!

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