Oregon Memorial Day singletrack riding East Fort Rock, China Hat, & Edison Butte Enduro Dualsport

Join the OMLB moto crew for a four day moto ride over the course of Memorial Day weekend 2016 in Central Oregon. We hit up East Fort Rock ORV aka China Hat, and Edison Butte. Hilarity ensues as a warm up day turns into 25 miles of log crossings, snow banks, and lots of cursing.

Music –
Credits – Tommy Guerrero – “Los Oceanos De Arena”
Main Soundtrack – Desaparecidos – “Backsell”

Filmed with GoPro Hero 4’s, SJCam 5000x Elite (case cam and handlebar mounts), and aerial shots by 3DR Solo. Handheld shots stablized by ProDeranline. Helmet cam stablized by Microsoft Hyperlapse. Hand held stablization by Polaroid handheld 3-axis gimble. Edited in Sony Vegas 13.

Please watch: “Gifford Pinchot High Alpine Moto Singletrack Hamilton Butte Yozoo // A DJI Spark drone video”

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