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Cymbal mounting with Gibraltar’s SC-4425STMB Splash Tree Boom Arm allows you to customize your set-up and get your splash cymbals right where you want them without taking up a lot of space with boom arms. If you want to mount your Auxillary Hi-Hat to a rack we have the SC-4425XHMB, an X hat on a 4425 MB Mini Boom Arm.

SC-4425STMB Splash Tree Mini Boom


SC-4425XHMB X-hat Mini Boom arm
http://gibraltarhardware.com/product/sc-4425xhmb/ ‎

For more information please visit: http://gibraltarhardware.com/



  1. With all the modern interactive programs like Sketchup or 80/20 t-slot websides, Gibraltar should have one 3D that can have all drum sizes (on scale) with all the gear (boom arms, clamps, rack pipes, etc.) to give it the right place with all moving parts and able to save. That way we know what to get for sure and how much, approximately, will be the total cost.

    I'm giving away this idea because I don't want to have hours in Photoshop figuring out what part will be best for a given situation. Trial and error is not an option.

    You will be ahead of competitors. Think about it!

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