One Cop, Six Hats Prank

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Filmed in Montreal, Quebec



  1. Reminds me of the character "Stu" from the "Crash Tag Team Racing" video game. He's an anthropomorphic chicken who's constantly changing his hat/hair in between camera shots. XD

  2. this one got room for many retakes … colender (pastafari hat), different helmets, berets, tons of baseball caps, beekeeper outfit, veils (probably with a ladies edition of the prank), VR glasses, Judge Dredd / spartan / viking helmet, Mickey Mouse ears, deer hunter (Sherlock), something matching/mirroring the persons identity …

  3. Good job Mr.Policeman(Talent)!! Very nice acting. You did a serious facial expression even the subjects(people) to prank are laughing. If i were in that situation, i do not maintain myself in a serious act. Because i am the kind of person that if someone or everyone laughing, i am also gets laugh. Hahaha! To all the main talents of 'Just for laugh', I am so much admiring your acting skills. You all makes us(son) laugh everytime we watch your videos. More goodluck to all of you, also the staffs behind your prank job. We are your viewers here in the Philippines. ❤️😘

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