New York City Live Walking Empire State Building to Brooklyn Bridge 🌉

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  1. Hi Tom amazing live stream tonight enjoy your rest of your night Tom get home safe Tom stay warm see you tomorrow live if not enjoy your night take care and God bless

  2. Hi Tom, I'm watching your replay and heard you read a comment about a homeless person double dipping eating food at whole foods, so gross. This is why I don't like buffets, I once saw a mom carrying a 1 year old and it threw up next to the buffet. Gross, 😝🤣 sorry I just had to tell you that, be careful.

  3. Hi Tom. Thanks so much for another bridge walk. Love the views at night and way less people makes it quite relaxing. Hope you made it to the LlRR on time. Have a great day!

  4. Hi Tom, great seeing you yesterday! It was first time to see YouTuber while live streaming. So, I was so surprised and excited. My live streaming was for Japanese people who live in Japan and other country. So, I spoke Japanese. Hope to see you around!

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