New Era Bangladesh vs China & How to Store Fitted Hats | Hat Club Cereal Pack Unboxing

Todays fitted hat haul includes a Hat Club Cereal Pack Unboxing and Review, as well as a Billion Creation Unboxing. I also answer a couple fitted hat questions like New Era Made in Bangladesh vs China , The Best Way to Store Fitted Hats + More ! Check out Hat Club here:

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  1. Great pick ups as always, the Padres hat is super clean some days you just need a little plain jane with no side patch. I’ve yet to hit on a Coked out tiger in my size, I had to size up on one from hat heaven and I haven’t gotten around to shrinking it. Hat club needs to add a coked out tiger to one of their preorders I feel like that’s the only way I’ll hit on one lol

  2. I prefer fitteds made in China but I don't mind Bangladesh at all. Some Bang hats are fine straight out of the box but I have gotten a few where I did have to do some shaping on the crown. I actually just got 3 hats in today all made in Bangladesh and the shape on 1 of them was perfect whereas the other 2 came in looking EXTRA square and boxy so I'll def have to do a bit of work on those lol.

  3. I'm Bangladesh all the way. I just recently realized all the best gear in my closet is from there. All of my Made in China fittys seem cheap in comparison.

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