My Favorite Headwear for Fall 2019 | Men’s Hats, Beanies, Fedoras, and Caps

Some of these hats are trending and some of the headwear are staples in every clost but here are some of my favorites for Fall 2019. Men’s Hats, Beanies, Fedoras, and Caps!

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  1. 7:47
    I don't agree with Mario, Marcel. You always rock your outfit. I love the way you experiment with your outfits. I follow them and I get compliments from women and from my male co workers. It's far from street style but you revolutionizing fashion in each way.

  2. I’m still confused while using head-wears after this video . My favorite (and safest) item is snap-back. Believe me, my friends call me “the walking egg” when wearing beanies 🤪 So probably i’m waiting for a beanies outfit video from you. Thanks.

  3. I love you love you love you man!!!! You redefined my life through clothes. Even though I have a minimalist kind of guy. Speaking of, I’m waiting for those fall minimal outfits. 😂 love you man. Shoutout from Paris, France.

  4. Hi BRO 🍵🍵 i'm Nido from the Philippines 🇵🇭 and your new subscriber too =) Honestly, my family and friends says that: any hats that u wear, will not work for you! =( I learned so many things about HATS, 🎩 this interesting and stylish video HELPED ME A LOT 👍 YUP, i am a BUSINESSMAN and i only have ONE HAT, OAKLEY. Anyways it WORKS for me now, YES!!! 😁THANKS BRO, your pieces of advice works for me! CHEERS BRO 😁 🍻
    GOD BLESS / nido 😇

  5. I dont wear any hats…but now im getting lazy to prep and style my hair everyday…i need some pointers of what type of hat i should get…every time i put on a hat and ask a friend how i look…they would say i "dont look good with a hat cause of my face and head" ..which brought my confidence down to get a hat…so yeah any pointers??

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