ME TIME | Official Trailer | Netflix

When a stay-at-home dad finds himself with some “me time” for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away, he reconnects with his former best friend for a wild weekend that nearly upends his life. Watch ME TIME starring, Kevin Hart, Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall on Netflix August 26.


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ME TIME | Official Trailer | Netflix

With his family away, a devoted stay-at-home dad enjoys his first me time in years by joining his hard-partying old friend on a wild birthday adventure.



  1. Super stupid… I manage to watch it on Netflix for about 15 minutes, then I had to switch it off, since I started to fear for my brain to melt over the dumb dialoges. Don't waste your life watching this movie!🙈

  2. Actors like Kevin Hart and Martin Lawrence belong to an unbelievably talented genre of actors. people who can make you burst into laughter without even uttering a single word.

  3. I decided to watch the movie later, but I swear I want to punch the sh't out of every snowflake b'tch calling everything they don't like or agree with as "Woke" . Like just STFU you're being a mimicking tard at this point.

  4. What a BS movie. Its all woke propaganda. Cliche after cliche and not a moment really funny. Artificial characters like that giant uber driver, she is just like that pizza "dude" in Stranger Things 4…

  5. I didn't like it. I expected more. The movie was good until that chinese guy showed up. That's when the movie started to become boring. The rest of the movie was a waste.

  6. I don't understand how people are raving about this movie. This was the dumbest movie I've seen in a long time. And there are a lot of dumb movies out there. Wow

  7. Есть ли в жизни твоей друг…!?😉

    Да такой, чтоб лучше новых двух…!?😜

    С которым многое прошли и всякое бывало…👀

    " – А в наши дни – это уже не мало!"🙏

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