MAGA Hats Double In Price After Trump Tariffs

Chinese-made MAGA hats are getting a lot more expensive. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. TYT now has a full audio network! Award-winning comedian Jimmy Dore provides an irreverent and humorous take on today’s headlines and hypocrites. Listen at

“The latest round of tariffs on products from China proposed by President Donald Trump could double the price of “Make America Great Again” hats inspired by his 2016 campaign slogan, according to a merchandiser who imports them.

The new tariffs announced Thursday would hit $200 billion worth of Chinese imports, especially consumer goods, including the popular hats sported by Trump supporters around the nation, according to a story first reported by the Associated Press.

David Lassoff is the manager of a California-based company that sells a range of novelty items online.

He told ABC News his company, IncredibleGifts, typically imports the red hats from China and embroiders them in the U.S. But now the company may have to complete both tasks in the U.S., which could raise prices significantly.

“We usually sell the MAGA hats for around $9 to $12. But it could go up to $20 if we had to make them in the U.S. and embroider them here,” Lassoff said.”*

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  1. Your talking about the cheap Chinese ripoffs lol exactly what trump was trying to stop. His plan is working perfectly, now people will buy from and support the Americans who make the legit MAGA hats.
    Trump 2020

  2. Who cares about the cheap knockoffs. China has been screwing us over for years. Buy American and support the American worker.

    Most TYT viewers are not Trump supporters anyway. They don't buy the hats in the first place. Or if they did, they would be the counterfeit knockoff crowd.

  3. So, while the US imposes tarifs on Canada, the EU, Russia, China, Mexico and more and all those countries impose equivalent tarifs on the US, Vietnam gains new orders… expect the orange pile of swamp to speak about calling Vietnam a "currency manipulator" soon. What a clusterfuck of an administration.

  4. Fake news it looks like TYT is not fact checking again. The official M.A.G.A hats are made in the United States. I will use a quote from Cenk " GOOGLE IT". There are interviews with the company that makes them at the factory where they make the hat.

  5. Has anyone noticed that TYT supposedly has 3.9 million subs, yet this vid only has 61 thousand views? IF those subs were actually real people you would think the views of this vid would be well over a Million by now, or at least 500k…

  6. I couldn't believe trump would get an exemption for Ivanka's shit, but not his own crap. Back in 2016, the only part of MAGA hats made in america was the 'made in america' tag illegally added to the product . But then, every story about trump has a level of 'batshit crazy ' that I never imagined.

  7. Interesting thing about the MAGA hats is that the majority of them sold are made in China. The ones manufactured in the US are made in a factory with an over 80% hispanic work force and the majority of them are Mexican. I wonder if ICE will be raiding that factory?

  8. This guy = idiot. Man, a $10 increase!? I can’t believe it! That won’t limit MAGA sales. If Obama increased his HOPE shirts by $10 your voters wouldn’t be able to afford that. Find a better job, man. You’re not young anymore. Maybe time to make some moves?

  9. The Chinese hats are fake knockoffs. The real MAGA hats are made by Cali-Fame in Carson California and the price will not be affected by tariff's. There are plenty of REAL issues to discuss. (Imported car prices, Trump/Putin, Immigration, etc) Why de-legitimize your site by posting arbitrary silliness ?

  10. You people make me sick lying about this. Maga hats are made in the USA by mostly legal immigrant workers from Mexico. Look it up! What happened to TYT? All lies and racism. Shame on you! Who do you work for?

  11. These are not the official Trump hats endorsed by the Trump organization which are made in the USA..The real ones have green under the visor and say made in the USA…Cenk probably knows his dumb listeners will affiliate it with Trump..He's right! Morons are easily led into assumptions.

  12. Actually, Cenk is lying. The official MAGA hats are all made in America, every part of them, from the visor to the 'Made in America' sticker. There are Chinese knock-offs out there (like everything else) but they are not official MAGA hats. The tariffs would raise the price of these Chinese imports and make the official 'Made in America' hats more competitive, increasing jobs in the USA. The new 'Keep America Great' hats will soon be joining them, don't forget to order and provide more jobs for US companies.

  13. Tarriffs working exactly as they should.
    Impeding Chinese made knock-offs while protecting genuine 100% made in the USA official MAGA hats.

    While some hats sold by third parties that support Donald Trump are made in China, the campaign's official merchandise is "proudly made in USA". Snopes fact check.

    I am not sure what sickens me more… TYT or the hoard of moronic fans that buy their bullshit.

  14. Literally fake news, just bought one off Trumps site and its the same price of 25 dollars. In fact hes giving 40% off but cant expect fake news to get it right

  15. Some people might wonder why TYT made a fuss about the iraq war being false when it was too late but when the white hats rescue were caught faking videos all you hear from them is crickets. Guys you’re getting your news from liars, I’m so glad I unsubscribed.

  16. Well discovered something profound on amazon DJT selling masks with his campaign year being marketed before the pandemic was acknowledged. Ad started sept 2019 ! He knew and planned to profit off of it .. Ivanka has a patent on voting machines made in China you can see on US patents . Trump and his brother Robert who died in the White House hold a patent on a drug being used for vaccines.

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