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Loom knitting hats – Spiral Stitch on a Round Extra Large 41-peg Loom. Learn the U-wrap and e-Wrap knit stitches and a cool trick to keep you on track. Great project pattern for beginners.

LOOM Darice Extra Large: http://amzn.to/2l58SX8
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  1. Wouldn't the 3/2 pattern for the brim cause a spiral? If the hat is a 3/2 does the u stitch really make the brim not spiral? You also after the fade count 3 knit stitch and you say 2 pearl but count 3 pegs when showing us the pattern shouldn't it be 3/3 for the brim then 3/2 for the hat? I just want to know before making this hat thanks you!

  2. Hello again, I'm making a Christmas present for my son and his favorite color is blue but I cannot find Wool-Ease Chunky in Blue so I am asking can I use Lion Brand Yarn 620-111B Wool-Ease Yarn, Navy its a Wool Ease Worsted 4 medium 3 ounce twist and use 2 threads with your pattern instead of Chunky. Will it still look good and fit as you describe "tight" using a 40 or 41 peg loom? Thank you so much for your help

  3. I finally decided to try this and see if I could do and OMG. I LOVE this hat and this pattern. I always thought it looked way too complicated but it was not. Just wow. Thanks for all you do!!!

  4. Hi, I am knitting on a 36 loom because my daughter in laws measurements point is you say reduce number of rows, 1st question: She says her head size is from earlobe to earlobe is 10" so would 40 rows cover it? 2nd question: At CLOSING THE HAT, how long should I give myself of yarn to ensure I have enough? Thank you so much for your help and Happy Holidays!

  5. Great tutorial! I was trying to figure out how to make the spiral (and zigzag) and your video was the most helpful & easy to understand and follow.
    I only started loom knitting about a month ago but I've learned so much from you.
    Thank you for these videos.

  6. I wish you could have shown how the end of the row is done once the spital starts. I kept watching but a text slide came up each time no clue if I'm doing it right.

  7. A little tip that I hope might be helpful. My memory and mind are not so good because of illness and medications so I use a spiral or lock stitch marker and move it back one stitch with each row just in case I get distracted and lose my place for some reason.
    Thank you for this pattern I love it xx

  8. Hi Denise. Love this and all of your tutorials. I just have one question…is it possible to have your background music turned down slightly? I'm having troubles hearing your voice. Thanks. 😀

  9. Much easier to follow than other videos. One question-how would you adjust the pattern for a loom that is smaller or if the peg # is evenly divisible by 5?

  10. This was so easy to make! However, I have a question. I made your brimless slouch beanie at 13 inches (as your video said) and it turned out way too long. I unraveled and then tried this one, which said to make 45 rows. I stopped at 35 because it was looking big enough. It was more than big; in fact, I can pull it like a slouch! I actually love it, but wonder if I am doing something wrong. I count one trip around the loom as 1 row. Is this correct? Thank you for all your great tutorials! Love them.

  11. Hi there! Gorgeous hat. I attempted to make this for an adult on the 36 peg loom but the brim was really tight (so I made it for my daughter instead)… was the brim supposed to shrink up once it was folded?

  12. Your idea for keeping track of the stitches by only wrapping around the pegs and knitting after, is brilliant! I kept getting so confused and messing up my stitches before that!! And it gave me an idea to put a stitch marker on the end peg to show me just where I start each row. So far so good! If you were to do several rows then go in the opposite direction for a zigzag pattern, how would you do it? You're an awesome teacher!

  13. I can't even begin to tell you how thankful I am for your videos!!! I started loom knitting 3 weeks ago. The other couple viedeos I watched had me confused. Lucily I found yours. I'm on my 3rd hat and ready to start trying new stitches. You've been a lifesaver for me! Thank you

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