liziqi new episode 2022, latest update, Is she coming back? new channel? Check what happened to her

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  1. hello jessie, hello from france, I am administrator LiZiQi Fans Group Public Group · 48.8 K members, with henry chen from Fuzhou china and also I am moderator of two other liziqi group as well as administrator of dilraba dilmura and fengtimo in china, and We will wait for Liziqi and choose the path we want to take with social networks keeping our name or taking back our real name
    she is right to wait for the final decision on her case in order to protect her name and her privacy.
    it will be a pleasure to see her again on the networks in china and abroad and in the media she inspires many people from the young chinese generation 
    你好jessie,你好来自法国,我是管理员李子柒粉丝团公众群·48.8K成员,来自中国福州的henry chen,我也是另外两个李子柒群的版主以及迪丽热巴和冯提莫在中国的管理员,还有我们将等待李子柒,选择我们想要走的路,社交网络保留我们的名字或收回我们的真实姓名

  2. WOW, you're fast to put up a video with translation; the news was released yesterday. Thanks for the translation, it makes it easier for me since I am only HSK 2 level.

  3. It would be great to see her again, on another note, I have noticed that quite a few YouTubers from China I followed have stopped uploading two months ago, maybe just coincidence

  4. I have missed seeing her video presence also but believe in what she is doing for herself standing up for herself so she can take as long as it takes all her fans will wait and support her. She is an amazing person.

  5. Thats something good to hear…
    But some people are real pathetic. We should cheer her work not try to benefit.
    Theres always something to learn from her.
    I was one of the first followers of her and really admired her work through the time.

    Its very sad to see that some people starts blabbing, she is this,that. Has tie with this or that. What a idiotic perception they have..
    Humans are humans. 😡

  6. I really admire the work and the culture of your country. It's awesome, beautiful, delicious, motivational, women's rocking attitude. Missing you with lots of LoL.

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