Live Stream with Krypto Panda: Talking All Things Exciting About #PulseChain, #PulseX and #Hex

I’m pumped to be doing my first ever live stream with Krypto Panda. We’ll be talking about the amazing potential in this community and the things keeping us excited about everything going on with PulseChain, PulseX and Hex.

Special guests @Krypto Panda @RAGS TO RICHES @K4K Crypto @CryptoHeartBeat @Funding Gym



  1. Whales control the price of a coin/token. pHEX and eHEX will be controlled by the same whale. Seems the least risky to provide liquidity and hedge impermanent loss

  2. Subscribed and Liked….
    Best of Blessing your way my friend cause I don't believe in luck.. 🤗
    God Bless 🙏👍
    Go HEX 😎🎩🧡
    Go Pulsechain 😁🎩💜💙
    Go PulseX 💚❤💪🧐🎩

  3. Thanks Guys for sharing! Yo I have learned alot from you and others out here and it's great, btw WHEN is pulsex supposed to go mainnet? Hart made it sound like soon, im gonna participate in THAT and Shibarium

  4. Excuse me, your video is very good. I am very interested. If you are interested in business cooperation, you can talk about the specific details in detail.

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