Kuih Pie Tee Recipe (Nyonya Top Hats) 娘惹小金杯 | Huang Kitchen

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Kuih Pie Tee (Nyonya Top Hats) 娘惹小金杯

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A Classic Finger Food: Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee

Pie Tee or Top Hats is a familiar snack or finger food to many. It is filled with a savoury filling of juicy yam bean and sauces that can be elegantly eaten in a single mouthful. They are great for a brunch or tea party and is very popularly served during Chinese New Year. Everything can be prepared in advance. So you can just sit back and relax, watching your guests enjoy themselves making their own little pie tee.

How To Make Kuih Pie Tee, Step By Step: Crispy Pie Tee Shells, Savoury Filling and Chilli Sauce

Making pie tee is a two step process. First, is the making of the pie tee shells. Although effortless to eat, making the pie tee shells may require some patience, skills and practice. Nevertheless, the effort is truly worth it when you finally take a bite of the delightful crunch from the vegetables against the light crispy textures from the deep-fried shells. These pastry shells can be made ahead of time and kept in air-tight containers until needed too.

Then, is preparing the filling and the toppings for the pie tee. Savoury yam bean filling filled with the fragrance of dried shrimps, topped with shredded omelette, shrimp, crispy fried shallots… Enjoyed with the delicious homemade chilli sauce, this experience is TRULY amazing. You will definitely not stop at one pie tee, that I can assure you. As always, Enjoy!


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