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John Lennon Hippie Sunglasses

Description of Sunglasses: Round frames, arching bridge, and sleek temple. A style synonymous with only a few of the greats in pop culture, whether it be the young wide eyed wizard Harry Potter who captured our hearts as children, Clark Kent, who made the one they call Super Man seem less super and more man, and of course the man who is mostly associated with them, John Lennon. From his days writing songs like “Winston’s Walk”, “Please Please Me”, and “All I’ve Got To Do”, in the early nineteen sixties all the way to smash hits, “I Am The Walrus”, “Imagine”, and “Come Together” later in his career one thing has been constant, his glasses. A man whose band was known for changing their look almost every album had the same glasses throughout the entire time, but why? Because the John Lennon styled glasses are the combination of both style and practicality. It is a simple yet bold look that both separate you and anyone who wears them from the rest of the crowd while not over doing it. The round frames not only catch the eye of those looking at you, the cute barista at the coffee shop, the gentlemen holding the door for you, and your friends, but they serve a purpose as well. The round frames give you full protection from the sun. While most sunglasses do cover your eye completely they tend to be bulky, obtrusive, and become a hassle to carry around. With the John Lennon style sunglasses these problems are eradicated. The body of the glasses is light and small, and when put in a case does not take up excessive room in your glove compartment, purse, or wherever your sunglasses are kept. You may be asking yourself, “Well, if they are smaller than other sunglasses then how will they be fully effective in protecting me from the sun?” Well, with the John Lennon style sunglasses, the round frame’s circumference covers up your eyes completely without letting in a sliver of light, hence the perfect combination of style and practicality. The temples on the side are becoming of anyone who wears them, with a sleek, clean silver color running into the white snow capped temple tips the glasses display a level of sophistication and style that you’ve never seen in any other pair of sunglasses. One of the most important, yet underrated aspect of glasses is the bridge. In this design of eyeglasses or sunglasses the bridge gives the glasses a comfortable feel to them. In most eyeglasses or sunglasses you may find that the bridge does not give much support leaving you with imprints on your face and discomfort. The arching bridge eliminates all of that with a strong support leaving you with a comfortable feeling without making the glasses too loose on your face. John Lennon has been gone for quite sometime now and as a culture we need to honor this mans style, creativity, and sensibleness. These glasses embody all of his finest qualities and will do so with yours as well.

Honor of John Lennon: A promoter of peace, an advocate for affection, and a contributor of caring, John Lennon captured the hearts and souls of millions across the world when he was on this planet and even after his untimely departure. When John Lennon made music he searched within himself, looked at his innermost emotions and then displayed them to the entire world. What he probably did not see coming was that those emotions were also the emotions of those who listened to him. That was a gift of his, empathy; he felt what other people felt so much. He was almost more in tune to what other people felt than what he felt at times, and he would let us know this through his inspiring music and writing. Determined to be the best at what he did, Lennon and The Beatles took on the 10,000-hour challenge of practice to become masters of their craft, and they did. By age 20 John Lennon had logged in 10,000-hours of musical practice. In doing that he made sure that all he had to do was key into his heart and let the music find him, which it had, and it did with a passion and a fire that we have seen so few musicians achieve. “All You Need is Love”, “Imagine”, and “Don’t Let Me Down”, are all songs that Lennon wrote with one common theme, respect and love for your fellow man and woman. In his lyrics he puts on a display of love and compassion that influence those listen to his music to follow in the same likeness. But unlike most artists who preach these themes of love and respect for life Lennon practiced his preaching. In 1970 Lennon put his own personal well being on the line to speak out against the Vietnam War. After hearing about Lennon’s involvement in these anti-war rallies and concerts U.S President Richard Nixon tried to get Lennon deported back to England. For the next five years Lennon would be in and out of courtrooms referring to his deportation, but this did not stop his determination to get his voice heard and to promote peace. Lennon would attend rallies and events all over the country supporting peace over war and was very successful at getting the word out. His influence, however, did not die when he did. In 2002, 22 years after his death, a BBC poll listed Lennon as the eighth “Greatest Briton” of all time, an accomplishment that is of the greatest honor in Great Britain. He appears on almost every Rolling Stone “Top 100” lists including, singers, artists, and albums. John Lennon showed the world how to be vulnerable and open up, he showed us all even to this day not to hate, but rather to love your neighbor. A man who did so much more than just sell records, he’s influenced musicians, actors, artists, and just people in general. He pushed the limits of what a single man could do and left his imprint on the whole world.

John Lennon Greatest Hippie: A strong opposition to authority, open drug use, and a promotion of peace and love for all. Is that the description of a hippie or John Lennon? The answer to that is simply, yes. John Lennon is considered one of the biggest hippies of all time, from his psychedelic music and themes all the way to his anti-war activism, John Lennon has been the poster child for hippies. One of the main qualities pegged on hippies is their drug use, whether you condone drugs or not it is an inevitable part of the hippie culture and should be addressed when talking about the greatest hippie of all time, John Lennon. Lennon was quoted in the Beatles Anthology in 1974 saying, “The first drugs I ever took, I was still at art school, and with the group -we all took it together - was Benzedrine from the inside of an inhaler.” From his young adult years in art school and figuring out his musical prowess, John Lennon was seemingly experimenting with drugs throughout his life. One of the most popular drugs throughout the 1960’s and 1970’s was LSD, also known as “acid”. Lennon and the Beatles were introduced to LSD in 1965, but it really started to shape their music in their 1967 album “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”. Lennon was a big contributor on that album, being credited on six of the 13 songs. Drugs however are not the only aspects that make someone a hippie, and John Lennon was definitely much more than just a druggie musician. As a promoter of peace, Lennon was instrumental in advocating against the Vietnam War when he was doing concerts and peace rallies around the United States in 1972. Ironically enough in 1968 Lennon pleaded guilty on a cannabis misdemeanor and thought nothing of it at the time. It was on that cannabis misdemeanor that U.S President Richard Nixon found it fitting to attempt to deport Lennon from the United States, as his peace concerts and rallies were hurting the Nixon campaign. After years of appeals and fighting in court the U.S government deemed it unfair to deport Lennon, for Nixon was only doing this for political gain. For a hippie that was probably the single greatest victory of a man for the people getting the best of “the man” at that time. Lennon was not a rabble rousing delinquent, though, for his promotion of peace and what he stood up for was far greater than his own personal well being, which is where the heart of a true hippie lies. One of John Lennon’s greatest quotes is, “Give peace a chance” which also was his main slogan throughout his anti-war campaign, and that quote embodies a lot of what Lennon believed in. John Lennon was more than just some tree hugger, or delinquent against authority, or even a flower power druggie. He was a man for the people, an artist, and one of the most enlightened minds of his generation, which is the true meaning of being a hippie.

Top 5 John Lennon Quotes: Throughout his illustrious career, John Lennon has dazzled our hearts with his poetry and sweet singing. In that time, however, he has also provided us with thought provoking and inspiring quotes. It is hard to cut down all of these great quotes down to just five, but we will have to do our best to do so.

  1. “Part of me suspects that I’m a loser, and the other part of me thinks I’m God Almighty.” This is a really interesting quote, its contradictory, yet it reigns true. This quote says a lot about John Lennon, he was a shy and sensible character, but also had bolstering confidence in his ability as a musician. There’s always been stories of him being insecure with his own voice, asking producers to edit it anyway they could, and others of him speaking very confidently about his writing ability. Whatever you think about him, this quote definitely provides good food for thought.
  2. “Well, I don’t want to be king, I want to be real”. This quote gives great insight into a couple of things. The first being, that pop stars are usually seen as figures that are mythical, creating no real substance to the person. The other thing is that John understood what he wanted and it was not to be a mythical figure, but more a voice for the people.
  3. “Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” The message is simple for this one. If you do what you love, or you are having fun doing something, then it’s not a waste. This is the kind of thing that John Lennon was all about. Before a time where tolerance and pursuing dreams was mainstream Lennon would encourage those to do just that. It’s one of the great reasons why Lennon was such a breath of fresh air in society and why he inspired so many people across the globe.
  4. “Love, Love, Love. All you need is love. Love is all you need”. One of the better-known Lennon quotes; this appears in the song “All You Need Is Love”, which was a smash hit off of the album “Magical Mystery Tour”. One of John Lennon’s main missions on this Earth was to promote peace and love, and this is an anthem that does just that. When you read this quote, you need every part of it to get the message, which is what makes it such a great quote.
  5. “Imagine all the people living life in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” Arguably his most notorious quote, the Imagine quote touched the lives of many and continues to do so to this day. There is a reason why this is such a popular quote and that’s because it is so true. Lennon was always trying to encourage people to be themselves and to live amongst one another in harmony, and this quote displayed all of his principles in one phrase.

John Lennon’s Influence: Merriam-Webster defines influence as, “the power to change or affect someone or something: the power to cause changes without directly forcing them to happen”. When you see that definition, think about someone who embodies that. When we think about people who are influences we think of someone who’s impact went viral and spread to others directly and indirectly around them. In an interview during the spring of 1966, John Lennon was quoted saying, “We’re [The Beatles] more popular than Jesus right now”. This sparked a lot of controversy and intrigue in The Beatles and more specifically in John Lennon. Seeing that quote, ones initial response may be to think that Lennon was thinking fairly high of himself and his band mates to compare their popularity to that of Jesus Christ, but the more that quote than just self promotion and ego. What John Lennon meant by that was that as a prominent pop culture figure he holds a lot of weight on what people think, especially young people who are especially impressionable. So what did Lennon do with this stage? He wrote insightful poetry, beautiful music, and inspired those to seek love as well as give love. Madonna, a main figure in pop culture history was quoted saying, "I think he was a real rebel, and I respect and admire that he was outspoken against the [Vietnam] war and that he seemed like someone who was searching for the truth."  She then added, "I think he was a real poet...I think it was a great tragedy when he left this world.” For Madonna to give such great praise to Lennon is a great example of how he touched people, whenever you hear people talking about John Lennon’s legacy they talk about it with the utmost respect and reverence. Lennon not only directly influenced many artists of the generations after him to pursue their dreams, but his affect on the music industry was enormous as well. In a time when not many popular musicians played multiple instruments, Lennon was a master at the guitar, singing, they keyboard, bass, and harmonica. This kind of musical versaltily paved the way for current popular musicians like The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, Jack White of the White Stripes, and even rapper Andre 3000. This kind of impact that Lennon had musically stretches over many different genres; his talent instrumentally can influence those in the pop, rock, and R & B, and his writing can influence those in rap, country, and folk music. That’s what made John Lennon so influential, his ability to not just be labeled as “this” or “that”, but to be able to cover the entire music industry, which almost no other artist has done. When you think of music in general, aside from genre, and you compile at top ten or even a top five list of most influential artists, no matter who you ask John Lennon is most likely if not always going to be on that list. Not only did he touch the hearts of fans and inspired them, but he also changed the way music was played and approached

Unique and Stylish: In today’s day in age, conformity is no longer in. Obscurity, boldness, and style are what this generation thrives on and it shows in their fashion. From cheap throwback basketball jerseys to expensive Gucci t-shirts, having a sense of self and being unique is key. What’s the key to being unique and stylish? The John Lennon style sunglasses. Picture the John Lennon style sunglasses in your head right now, and think to yourself, “when was the last time I saw someone wearing tea shades?” The answer to that question is most likely not since John Lennon himself wore them. John Lennon was and is still the poster child for individuality, from wacky mustaches and all sorts of different wardrobes and haircuts, Lennon embodied a sense of uniqueness that hasn’t been seen in a while. He never bought in to conformity in his music, style, or writing and that is what separated him from the rest of his peers and made him so special. That kind of stance for individuality has not been seen in a long time in pop culture, until now. This generation of young people is doing something creative and different, they are taking popular trends from previous decades and they are mixing and matching them to make outfits that no one has ever seen before. The true beauty of these tea shade glasses is that they are extremely versatile. Men, and women alike can wear the sunglasses and it really does not matter how you wear them either. Whether you wear them with an olive green army jacket, a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, and some jeans, or a flannel shirt and some sneakers the John Lennon style sunglasses will not fail you. Whether you are an athlete, a hippie, an artist, or just a regular person the John Lennon style tea shades are for you. These sunglasses are actually fairly similar to John Lennon himself; no matter who you were he accepted you and made you feel special. That is what these sunglasses do, once you put them on they instantly work with what you are trying to do and they add a sense of uniqueness and style that no other pair of sunglasses, or even eyeglasses for that matter, can do. Even if everyone in the world owned a pair of these tea shades they would still have a sense of uniqueness and individuality, because these glasses accent and compliment any personality. There has never been any article of clothing or accessory that really went with everything until now. With these glasses you can turn any old outfit you previously wore and make it ten times better then it ever was. If John Lennon were still with us today and he saw everyone wearing his sunglasses he would most likely be pretty proud of us for not only honoring him but also continuing on his striving for individuality. John Lennon paved the way for unique expression and these sunglasses are going to continue that trailblazing trend.

John Lennon arguably had the most successful solo career of all of the four Beatles. With songs like “Imagine”, “Give Peace a Chance”, and “Instant Karma” it is easy to see how he was able to accomplish such success in his solo venture. There are so many great songs to choose from, but we will try to break it down to just ten.

  1. “Give Peace a Chance”

            This anthem of peace is one that really embodies what John Lennon was all for, living harmoniously and with one another. This song is Lennon asking all of those listening to put aside their differences with one another and to just join hands and let peace take over. Lennon was such an advocate for peace and he wanted people to know how powerful it really was so he wrote this song for them, and all they had to do was give it a chance

  1. “Happy Xmas (War is Over)”

            More than just a catchy Christmas song, “Happy Xmas (War is Over) uses the big stage of Christmas to promote the end of war and peace among mankind all over the world. This song is an anti-war/peace anthem that touches the hearts of many during the holiday season and reminds us all the importance of peace, family, and community amongst everyone.

  1. “Jealous Guy”

            The Beatles were in India for a lecture given by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi about “son of the mother nature”, and this lecture inspired both John Lennon and Paul McCartney to write songs about this topic. “Jealous Guy” first appeared on Lennon’s Imagine album in 1971, which reached number one worldwide. Being on such a popular album gave songs like “Jealous Guy” the proper platform to flourish, as opposed to if it was released on the B-side of a Beatles album like originally intended.

  1. “Mother”

            A really emotional song by Lennon, “Mother” is a passionate cry to both of his parents. His father left him when he was just an infant, and his mother was killed in an automobile accident when he was 17. Most of John Lennon’s songs were songs for the people, but this song was one for John. In the verse to his father Lennon says, “I needed you, but you didn’t need me, so I, just gotta tell you good bye” is a very powerful line by him to his father. This song was written because his therapist suggested that it would be good for him to think about this, and it was more a therapeutic song for him as opposed to a commercial song.

  1. “Love”

            Easily one of his more beautiful songs, “Love” is a calm and soothing hymn about what love is and how it is expressed and accepted. With lines like, “love is real, real is love”, and “love is feeling, feeling love” Lennon was giving the listener some provocative lyrics and letting them sit on them for a bit. This song speaks to the soul of all of mankind and Lennon embodied that everyone strives for love, but he does not specify if it is a significant other, a family member, or even a pet, it is just the feeling of love that we all look for in our lives.

  1. “Woman”

            “Woman” has such a calming melody to it and rightfully so. This song is not just a tribute to his wife Yoko Ono, but also to all women in the world. It is fitting that such a beautiful song is used to describe women and how Lennon viewed him. He thanks them, and Yoko, for being his better half for being so patient. He repeatedly says that he “loves you, now and forever”, a line that I’m sure every woman wants to hear. Lennon understood the importance of women in the world and in his own life, and this song is a beautiful representation of that.

  1. “Beautiful Boy”

            “Beautiful Boy” is a song that comes the closest to capturing the love of a father to his son. Written to his son Sean, Lennon begins the song with him comforting his son from having a nightmare saying, “Close your eyes, have no fear, the monster’s gone, he’s on the run, and your daddy’s here”, which is a wonderful line that shows the compassion and security that a father can show his son. This song is filled with tenderness and joy that can bring anyone to tears.

  1. “Stand By Me”

            Originally written by Ben E. King, “Stand By Me” is a classic that has been in music for such a long time. It has been covered numerous times by music greats like Otis Redding, Maurice White, and of course John Lennon. Lennon captures the old school soul that it was originally composed with and adds his own flair to it. We normally think of John Lennon as a writing powerhouse, but this song shows off his creativity and his musicianship, for he took a classic and made it into his own.

  1. “Instant Karma (We All Shine On)

            Peaking at number three in the United States, and number five in the United Kingdom, “Instant Karma (We All Shine On) was a huge commercial hit. This song has the catchiness of a pop hit as well as the message of a more in depth song. Although the lyrics are rather simple, they send a powerful message, which is we are all-important and need to live life to the fullest.

  1. “Imagine”

This probably comes as no surprise to anyone, but for good reason. This song is most definitely the most powerful song that John Lennon has ever written. It had commercial success, but that was not the point of the song at all. The point of this song is to promote beauty in all and harmony among all. A good song has commercial success and hits the top of the billboards, and a thoughtful song sits on the B-side of an album for few to hear, but a great song combines those to aspects and puts all who listen to it in awe.

Sunglasses Description: The American hippie culture has been thought of as one of the most intriguing movements in history. From the days of the LSD trials in the early 1960’s all the way to present day tree huggers, hippies have been around for quite some time. What makes hippies unique and different besides their views and practices is their wardrobe. Bright arrays of colors, loose and flowing clothing, and of course psychedelic sunglasses; sunglasses have been apart of the hippie lifestyle for quite some time, ever since the movement began in the 1960’s. In 1964 Ken Kesey, author of “One Flew Over the Cookoo’s Nest”, began his LSD trials across the United States and he would give his “patients” two things, a cup filled with punch and LSD, and a pair of sunglasses. The sunglasses were given to the trial’s participants in order to enhance their experience on the drug and give them a truly psychedelic experience. Since Kesey’s trials, the sunglasses stuck as a part of the culture and never looked back. And these sunglasses embody everything about the hippie culture; obscure round frames, bright and full colors, and tricked out lenses. The lenses of these sunglasses would make Ken Kesey himself proud, designed with ridges and patterns similar to that of a kaleidoscope, the person wearing them ends up having a far out experience. The main purpose of these hippie sunglasses is to recreate what Kesey was trying to do, create the ultimate psychedelic experience. Unlike most other hippie sunglasses or vision distortion glasses that you would find at a party favor store, these glasses separate themselves from that novelty aspect of hippie sunglasses and become something a step up from just a party favor or trinket. The sturdy lenses frames and body of the glasses assure you of the good quality of the product without sacrificing the psychedelic function they serve. With that being mentioned the lenses are nothing short of spectacular, the aforementioned kaleidoscope patterns are enough for anyone to have a good time with, but with these sunglasses there is tinted color on the lenses providing you with no less than the trippiest experience possible. Shades of purple, orange, yellow, and green throughout the lenses bring you a full blast of colors that could leave a businessman on Wall Street in a trance. These glasses are not limited to just the use of hippies, however, anyone who is anybody can and will have a pair of these sunglasses. The easy access and availability of these sunglasses make it a bit of a “no brainer” of a purchase, and best of all these glasses were designed for anyone who is down have a good time. The hippie culture is thought of as one of the most interesting and fun subcultures in the United States if not the entire world. So, whether you are going to a music festival, Halloween party, or any event you find suitable for the hippie sunglasses you will be rocking some serious style, we guarantee it.

Good for getting high: What’s better then being high? Most people might say nothing, and you might be right, until now. Imagine this, you’re going to a party with your friends and you’ve got all of the substances you need, pot, some alcohol, and since you are feeling a little wild, some shrooms. You’re smoking with your friends, pre-gaming at your buddy’s house having a good time. You keep smoking and getting higher and higher, to the point where your eyes are redder than the devil himself. But wait, you forgot your eye drops at home! It’s ok though, it has happened to the best of us, and there’s no need to worry, because you just bought your brand new hippie style sunglasses. These lifesavers not only hide your absurdly red eyes, but the trippy lenses will leave you saying, “Whoa man”. With these sunglasses your eyes will be dazzled by the vibrant colors and crazy kaleidoscope pattern, leaving you in a trance. You finally make your way to the party, and then things start to really pick up. You walk into the house to see a strobe light and music playing, and it’s time to hit the dance floor. You get on to the dance floor and it feels like your are floating, and the way the light reflects off of the glasses has you feeling so good you can’t even think of what to do with yourself. You’re favorite song comes on and it is as if the colors from the lights through your sunglasses are set to the rhythm, and your one with the music. Then, you walk into the next room to see all of your friends having a good time, playing drinking games, smoking weed and just hanging out. You walk over to the mass of people, only to be handed a joint, so you hit it a couple of times and keep your night rolling. Next, you dip into your back a pull out your secret weapon, the shrooms, to boost your night and put your shades back on and hit the dance floor once again. While your dancing your special stuff is kicking in and you are feeling really good now, like going down the rabbit hole good. You thought the lights were insane before, but now they are like nothing you have seen before, illuminating through your glasses like shooting stars, you are convinced that you have never experienced anything like this before. A little bit of time has passed and the party is dying down, you head back home lie down in the yard, put your headphones in, and put your sunglasses and just look into the night sky. You were convinced before that the lights were the greatest things you have seen but you stare up at the night sky through your hippie style sunglasses and think to yourself about the beautiful stars and drift into the night. Now look back on this night and think about it if you didn’t have those sunglasses. Would it have been as good?

Safety Description: So you have finally bought your awesome new pair of hippie style sunglasses, great! You now can go to all sorts of raves, parties, and music festivals with the confidence and charisma you need. But, with great power also comes a great responsibility. You must remember one very important thing, THESE ARE NOT REAL SUNGLASSES! These sunglasses are meant to give you a TRIPPY experience and they DISTORT YOUR VISION, which means that could be potentially harmful or even fatal if not used properly. They should be used in party or casual context, not for driving, walking in the streets, or even going outside without a buddy. We recommend that if you do chose to indulge in party like behavior, for example drugs, alcohol, or just plain shenanigans, that you use these glasses with as much caution as you do with these other things. We understand that drug use is usually tied into the hippie lifestyle and hippie style sunglasses are also in the hippie lifestyle so there is bound to be an overlap, and while we acknowledge that drugs are illegal and can be irresponsible, we know that we will not stop you from using them. That being said if you do choose to use drugs when wearing these glasses, it is imperative that you be extremely careful and as conscientious as you possibly can be, if you cannot handle these sunglasses, then you probably should not be doing drugs in the first place. If you are DRIVING anywhere, DO NOT WEAR THESE GLASSES, there is absolutely no need for you to be wearing these when you are driving, it is very dangerous and you could harm yourself as well as others on the road, if you must get somewhere by car we suggest that you call a cab. If you plan on WALKING OUTSIDE and going downtown, DO NOT WEAR THESE GLASSES, these are VISION DISTORTION SUNGLASSES they are not meant to be used like functional sunglasses, you could end up walking into traffic hurting yourself and you could cause traffic accidents, and at that point the glasses are not as fun as they are supposed to be. You may be asking yourself, “well I bought these super cool hippie style sunglasses, and I’m being told where I can not use them, so where can I use them?” Great question, the appropriate uses for these sunglasses are at music festivals, raves, concerts, parties, and just about anywhere inside. If you really must have a cool and groovy pair of sunglasses and want to have a good time, we do provide John Lennon style tea shades and these are perfectly safe and functional for all uses. So again we must reiterate, DO NOT DRIVE, WALK AROUND OUTSIDE UNACOMMPANIED, AND USE AS MUCH CAUTION AS YOU CAN WHEN WEARING THE SUNGLASSES. With all of this being said, we really hope you take into consideration the safety precautions necessary; no one needs any hospital visits or traffic tickets because of a pair of sunglasses.

Rave and Music Festivals: Large fields, hot summer days, cool breezy nights filled with all sorts of music and all sorts of people. If you were told that thousands of people spent their summers doing this you might think that you were being told the plot of a movie, or some outlandish story. This description, however, is no fantasy, but rather your average music festival or rave. Music festivals and raves have become a defining thing of recent pop culture. Consisting of body paint, mosh pits, and dancing, it is easy to why these events are so popular among the youth in the world. You can find a lot of different types of people in these places, but I bet most if not all of these people could define themselves as hippies in one way or another. When combined with great music and a lot of people, music festivals and raves are no more than just awesome parties, and nothing makes a party more fun than party accessories, more specifically sunglasses. Not just any sunglasses, though, but these hippie style sunglasses. The vibrant colors and wild style make these the ultimate rave and music festival sunglasses. The hippie sunglasses colorful lenses will enhance your rave or music festival experience 100 percent. Just imagine, dancing in a sea of people without a care in the world, looking at beautiful people through beautiful tinted lenses, and just letting loose. These hippie style sunglasses embody the theme and aura of the rave and music festival scene like no other article of clothing or accessory could ever capture. The only down side to music festivals such as Lollapalooza, or Coachella are that rather expensive, and most young people do not have enough money to go to multiple music festivals and raves. That does not mean that these wonderful hippie sunglasses you bought have to go to waste, though.

            With music festivals and raves being predominantly in the summer that leaves you with most of the months of the year, seemingly, with no use for your awesome hippie style sunglasses. Fear not, for the hippie style sunglasses can be used in any party context no matter what time of year, whether it be a Halloween party, themed party, or just your good ole fashioned house party these glasses will come in handy. Not only do they provide you with a trippy, psychedelic experience, but they also can serve as your wingman or woman. Whether you’re male or female these glasses will make you looking super good and will have that cutie at the other end other end of the room checking you out. These glasses will not only have you looking good, but hey, now you finally have that great ice breaker that you can use on that person of interest. Whether its picking up girls/guys, dancing the night away, or just having a good time, the hippie style sunglasses are the best way to go when it comes to letting loose and getting wild with your fellow partiers.

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