Japan’s ventilated hats combat extreme heatwave

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A company in Japan has come up with ventilated baseball caps to battle the extreme heatwave that hit the country this summer.

At least 57 people died from the heat between July 29 and August 4, while more than 18,000 were taken to hospitals suffering heat-related health problems. The tally of those needing treatment is the second-highest since 2008 and the high temperatures have become a concern for Tokyo 2020 Olympics organisers.

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  1. People in cities surrounded by buildings and comfort lifestyles suffering the wrath of Mothernature while I am here wrapped up in blanket surrounded by trees and fresh Air but comfort lifestyle being sacrificed.

  2. 日本人より一言。Yes,this cap really exists,and was first developed for the volunteer crew of Tokyo Olympic 2020.
    But people rarely try it on actually ,because we know it's no use for wetly steaming Japanese summer. Before that ,many Japanese people are against next Olympic

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