How to press vinyl on hats using the F2C Pro 5 in 1 swing away digital transfer heat press. – VOTD

In this video I show how I use the press to put vinyl on hats using the F2C professional heat press.

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  1. Hello, I purchased this machine in March of this year, but just took it out the box today (4-30-20) ready to do a t-shirt. I can’t say that I really understand the instructions. They are very vague to me. The machine comes on, but I can’t figure out to get it to heat. I’m very frustrated and I hope I haven’t wasted my money on a faulty machine, that warranty is probably no longer on it! Can you help me please?

  2. My letters are wrinkling under the press and I watched all videos from beginning to end! Any advice? The vinyl attached but there are wrinkles in the fabric and therefore the letters 🙁

  3. Good video! Thanks for the info, my first hat came out looking terrible, but following your instructions, it was so much better the second time. 5 seconds into your video, I said this guy is the one who can teach me the right way.

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