How To Make Top Hats Or Pie Tee Shells

This is Nyonya Kuih Pie Tee or also known as Top Hats. It’s an appetizer made with a savory, crispy thin fried shell, filled with stir-fry yam bean and carrot.

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm very lazy and love short cut. I make my batter even for pancake, I put all liquid ingredinets into a blender and the flour last and blend. Then I let them stand for 1/2 hr and use it. I did mine yesterday, not pretty as the shell has lots of bubbles on it. Will try yours next time as they are so pretty like mine that I made ages ago  — after CNY as I already made a big jar. 

  2. Thanks very much for your quick reply. I've just tried the recipe. The shells came out very crunchy.

    So far, I can only make the regular shells. I'm having trouble with making the shells with brim.

    I'm glad I still have batters to try!

    Thanks very much for the recipe and video.

  3. @Tricia88Chin : Well, you just need a little extra patience & practice to make the shells with the brim. Watch the video again..dip the mold into batter (NOT to the edge) leave a small gap, then into the oil & quickly lift the mold up..let it fry for awhile. It will create the brim, then jiggle a bit & the shell should come out easily. Try it! Btw, thanks for the feedback. xx

  4. I tried the recipe, one with cornflour and one without.
    Obviously, with cornflour, the shell texture is better.
    And after fried 3 batches, I finally "aware" how to get the shell with brim.
    Again, thank you for your kind generousity to share your recipe and skill on this.

  5. Hi I am trying the recipe. It is crunch and nice to eat but I found it very hard to remove from the mold. Is it my mould problem? Keeps breaking when I remove from the mold.

  6. Hi! I just tried this recipe but I couldn’t get the batter to hold on to the brim. I was looking for other shell recipe but they all offer the same measurements and techniques as you do.

    Is it possible that it was caused by the brim quality?😬

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