How to make a traditional Vietnamese palm leaf hat

Whilst driving through the country side of Vietnam with my guide Thanh, we came upon this traditional country village that specialises in making traditional Vietnamese palm leaf hat. These women sit in front of their houses socialising and making hats by hand. They are so clever.



  1. I really wish I was able to buy one of these hats from a very skilled person like this who doesn't get enough for their work. I need a sun/working hat and I thought a traditional Chinese farmers hat would do nicely, but whenever I look for them online I only get tacky one from Amazon for about $30 under the name "Funny Party hat" (Which is just insulting in my opinion) or Vintage ones for about $240. Anyway, very interesting video and I may try learn the craft because of this, thanks

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this video. These hats are wonderful. I have one and it was hard to find here so that is what brought me to this page, I hope to learn to do this. Happy Mother's Day to all the talented women out there who have kept the world going… there's no way to thank them enough ! 🙂

  3. WOW! All by hand and only 2-3 a day! And how much, less than the 2$! It’s very labor intensive. It’s not something that just anybody could pick up and do it and it come out like hers. It’s a skill to making it look worth buying and even then it’s only 1$!!! For that kind of labor and skill? It’s a simple look but a lot of work to do by hand and a person making one with great skill ONLY gets 1-2 bucks per hat so what would one cost if you had no skill, started making them if you already knew even the most skilled of the skilled people making them only get 1$ per hat, 2 tops! I’m guessing you would not bother and if you did it would be to only make one for yourself or a loved one.

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