1. The cowboy hat isn't really a very good hat. It keeps the upper part of the head warm – leaves the ears, most vulnerable to freezing, unprotected from cold. In hot weather, it keeps the upper part of the head too hot, and does not really shade the face and neck much since the brim curves up. It blows off in high wind. And what's with the double ridge on top? has no function whatsoever. I think cowboys wear 'em because all cowboys wear 'em. You get a tan face and a white forehead.

  2. Never been to New Jersey. I've lived a full life, tho; grew up partly on a ranch; lived in about half the western states. None of that has any bearing on the value of cowboy hats tho

  3. The British writers for this segment surely didn't know what "cattle rustling" means when they used it in the script. No decent cowboy rustles cattle… "rustle" means "to steal cattle".

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