Hats off to India! | #Taiwan, Oct. 15, 2020 | Taiwan Insider on RTI

[India tells China to “get lost”]

There’s been a surge in India’s support for Taiwan lately. Why is that? Well, a recent spat between India and China has users in Taiwan saying “Namaste!”

#Taiwan #India #印度

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  1. Nothing much i have to say here, but just that we support taiwan and I hope in times of conflict we'll also support taiwan with military efforts and supplies. love from India

  2. I wished India lied in place of Taiwan. I mean I am talking about the geography of India. India lies in the west of China.
    If china invades 100kms into India, they'll reach our cities. If India invades 100kms into China, we'll find ourselves in the middle of a barren desert. I wished a militarily powerful country like India had lied on China's east.😥

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