HATS in Netflix's THE KINGDOM explained and more (Watch this before Season 2)

Curious what those hats are in Netflix’s Kingdom? In this video, we’ll go through a few hats that appear in the Kingdom as well as some other things pertaining to the attires and customs of the Joseon Kingdom.

Season 2 of the Kingdom is set to be released in 2020, so watch this before next year! Hope you enjoy it!

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BGM by order
1. Mowg – Masquerade OST (Opening)
2. Jingle Punks – Doctor True
3. Dalparan, Jang Young-gyu – Road in the Desert (The Good, the Bad, the Weird OST)
4. Jonatan Järpehag – Waltz, Cello, Russian Song
5. Without a Sound



  1. '갓'은 비를 피하게도 하는 기능도 있어요 '갓'을쓰면 얼굴과 머리 젖을일은 없죠
    It's called 'Gad'. 'Gad' has the ability to avoid rain. 'Gad' doesn't wet your face or your hair. ☺😊😊☺

  2. Also,even thought the korean king's imperial robe has a five claws dragon,their robe's color can't be yellow or gold. Only the Chinese emperor can.If you notice the type of tile that use in the royal palace of the Korean king,they use grey tile as well,not yellow.

  3. Question – is there a reason you're referring to the 사또 as governor? Magistrate has been the main English term employed, but honestly I'd rather just refer to him as a Satto or Saddo. If Japan can have Samurai and Ninja, we Westerners can give Korea Satto.

  4. Thank you so much for the explanation. I have soooo many questions! I think that if I understood the small details like what you explained, I would enjoy this series even more.

  5. Excellent video! It explained things I didn't even know I wanted to know. I'm watching a show now called "Live Up to Your Name", and this applies to as much of it occurs in modern day Korea, and much of it during the Joseon Dynasty (the Emperor has just run from the Japanese invasion the end of the last episode).

  6. I really enjnyed the video. You taught me so much and about things I didn't even know I had questions on. Can you do an episode the talks about colors, normal everday historical customs, or some general historical facts? When the prince was in disguise he wore purple. Does that signify royalty like European royalty?

  7. Do you think you could explain the clothing and accessories of the commoners? I notice that the lives of commoners in dynastic Korea arent often highlighted and I really like how you explain Korean history.

  8. Can you make a video explaining the Color system(Red seems highest, but not always…), the designs on the robes and what they mean, and maybe about their weapons too- what kind of swords they used etc.

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