GTA 5 RARE Clothing, Hats & More! GTA 5 Beer Hats & Statue of Happiness Shirts! (GTA V)

GTA 5 & GTA Online RARE Clothing, Hats & More! GTA 5 Beer Hats & Statue of Happiness Shirts! (GTA V)
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  1. I didn't wait for my Patriot hat, I was just playing and saw "Special Crate Drop in 10 hours." Got my LAZER from Zancudo, circled around the vine wood sign (Because it's middle of the map) and DARTED when it dropped. Killed some guy parachuting for it. I did the same thing for another one, but got disconnected with a GTA hour left. I was so fucking mad.

  2. Hey MrBossFTW, Knowing about the crate drops is exciting. But the downside is they dont have the regular ticking noise like the regular drops. A special crate drop was im the lobby i was in, but as i got there i waited 15 minutes for the crate to drop.

  3. I got the red,blue,yellow,green hats and the t shirt by using a glitch but i dont know why when i always try the glitch again i got the same item every time and not getting the other 2 hats

  4. This guy is an idiot. He makes it sound like its a hard fight to kill the four guys guarding the crate. It's takes 10 seconds to kill them. Calm down. And on top of that he took a long time to get to the point. He starts explaining who is friend is and he keeps talking for about 20 seconds before we actually learn anything. Just get to the point so we can stop watching the boring video of you doing boring jumps.

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