GTA 5: ONLINE | New "Business Update DLC" Clothing Showcase! New Suits, Hats & More! (GTA 5 DLC)

This is a video showcasing all the new “Business Update” DLC clothing that was released earlier today through the Xbox Live dashboard! We’re given a chance to buy several new business shirts, jacket tops, suit pants, top hats, ties, bow-ties and more with this all new DLC update! To purchase any of these new Business Update clothes, just head over to any store in Los Santos and they should be available to purchase! Unlike the Valentines Day DLC, these will always be around for you all to purchase, not limited like before! I’m really liking these clothes because they offer us an all new business look to our characters, allowing for some great machinima opportunities and much more! All in all, a great addition of clothing from the guys over at Rockstar North! What do you guys think of this new clothing? Drop a like, leave a comment, and subscribe for everything Grand Theft Auto 5 easter eggs, tips & tricks, glitches, secrets, and more!

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  1. how do you get a regular tie and suit vest on at the same time? i saw someone do it, but when i try, all it let's me put on is a bowtie.

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