Green hats in China (your wife cheated on you)

If you get cheated on in China, there is an ancient ritual you must follow.



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  1. Is it possible to become a cuckold if you don't have a wife? What if it was a girlfriend? In English it is "cheated on" for wife and girlfriend but maybe in Mandarin Chinese it could be more severe if it is a wife.

  2. 古代一个女子给自己丈夫戴绿色的头巾来给门外的情夫一个提示,当丈夫戴着绿色头巾出门,情夫就明白该怎么做了
    In ancient times, a woman wore a green scarf to her husband to give a hint to the lover outside. When the husband went out wearing a green scarf, the lover knew what to do.

  3. Once my classmate told me before he liked green but now he hates green bc he said that green stands for green hat

    Edit:we were in Hk so that’s why he knows green hats

  4. Omg at last of this video was so hilarious , it actually happened to me in supermarket in 金华 jinhua where I bought some stuffs and on the cashier desk there was a girl there I walked upto her way and was like "我操你" (wo cao ni) (I'll f**k you ")🤣😂 but I just wanted to say 我扫你 "wo sao ni " I'll scan the qr code " she looked at me furiously , and I was like bro this poor girl had a bad day tho lol not knowing that I just said the f word lol after we walk outta the supermarket my friend told me I mispronounced the word 扫 lol. Right after that I was very careful with my words hahahha adam I relate to this. These guys providing some real things lol omg.

  5. Ahaha damn sometimes it's really confusing. Especially, if you're not very familiar with Chinese language and ppl's pronunciation to correctly recognize what do they say.
    Once cashier in the store said to me ''wo cao ni''. My knowledge in Chinese is very poor, but this phrase I know pretty well 🙂 So I was like ''dafaq?! Is he trying to insult me? Why? No, probably I just misunderstood that'' I was very confused and quiet upset, but fortunatly didn't do anything inappropriate.
    Later I told this story to my collegue and we found out that actually cashier tried to say that he'll scan (sao) me, haha. That was pretty hilarious!
    Btw, that guy from the store is actually very nice and friendly

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