Gravitas: Nepal suspends Gorkha recruitment under Agnipath scheme

Nepal has ‘stalled’ the recruitment of Gorkhas
in the Indian Army under the #Agnipath scheme. Kathmandu has apprehensions over the 4-year-term of recruits as part of the scheme. How has India responded? Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you a report.

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  1. After 4 years what’s going to happen for their future?? They leave there study everything for this job and after 4 year they won’t have this job and their secure future !!! This will ruin their future. The only reason people wants to join in the army is for pension. This scheme is scam so nepal government should think about this. You give your youth to India to die for 4 years and after 4 years if you don’t die then you are going home with nothing, which is bullshit.

  2. Gorkha regiment was British requirement, Gorkhas are not required for Indian Army. Pls get rid of them. Gorkhas only serve their British masters These fyckin gorkhas becone Indian citizens and demand for new districts. Gorkhas not required anymore, kindly stop these recruitments

  3. I am not surprised! In recent days, Nepal is coming under China influence/pressure. Understandably they don't want to make their neighbors on north/east unhappy.

  4. Indians please listen. It is no longer a good idea for India to recruit Nepalese Gurkas. First victory in modern wars are not determined by soldiers alone but rather with modern military equipment and soldiers trained to use them. A Nepalese Gurka cannot defeat an armored tank. This is why India has chosen to reduce the lifetime commitment of a soldier to 4 years, so they can then use the money to buy high tech modern equipment. Also instead of giving away jobs to Nepalese Gurkas, why doesn't India recruit in the villages of India where they desperately want to be soldiers? Its a win win for India.

  5. Gurkha's are some of the best people. I hope they revolt against their government to come back where they belong. Gurkha's are the some of the best troops in the UK. Their dedication and respect levels are truly admiral.

  6. Why in the world r we recruiting these ppl in the first place tear up the treaty from 1947 let them go join UK or there own country army they love and like che…na…..and India tax payers money should not go to another country if there interest is not in line with us. I think they r recruiting these ppl since they do mountain warfare just train our Indian cadets in mountain warfare simple we have a huge population in India to feed and who r on the lookout for jobs.

  7. So many indian gurkha's in comment section who doesn't even know theres a district called gorkha and there's inhabitants are called gorkhali or as you people say( gurkha's)
    Just cringy india things

  8. Its hilarious how you said the Sugauli Treaty gave Nepal sovereignty.. You guys are being jingoistic towards India while the treaty was actually signe with the East India Company which at present does not even exist. Keep your facts straight or else go to dumpster with other unreliable medias.

  9. Indians from Nepali roots after joining Indian Army : Indian Gurkhas

    Americans from Nepali roots after joining American Army: American Gurkhas.

    Apparently this is what my fellow Indian friends are trying to tell us.

  10. I think Agnipath is the best scheme for India. Times have changed, and so have we. Nepal shares a cultural heritage with us and there is a special trust between Nepal and India. Agnipath is the new system of recruitment for the Indian Army. If Nepal doesn't feel it is good for them, then we have to respect their decision not to join the Indian Army. However, blackmail cannot be tolerated. India spends around Rs 400 crores every year on Gurkha's pension, it is not that anyone is doing any favor. We have enough people to join our forces. It's Nepal's choice.

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