Galapagos Cruise: Fernandina, Isabela West, Egas Port, Chinese hat, Mosquera islet / ChokoTours

Galapagos Cruise
Itinerary B of the Golondrina and Fragata yacht :
I visited a few islands and places that can only be accessed on a cruise and the best part was that I didn’t have to worry about where to sleep of what to eat.


Itinerario B en los Yates Golondrina y Fragata:
Visité algunas islas y lugares a los que solo se puede acceder en un crucero y la mejor parte es que no tenía que preocuparme sobre dónde dormir ni qué comer.


✔ Mosquera Islet
✔ Vicente Roca Point
✔ Espinoza Point
✔ Urbina Bay
✔ Tagus Cove
✔ Egas Port
✔ Chinese Hat Island


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