FREE SKINS, COSTUMES & HATS in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO Guide)

Every costume, hat and skin you can get in Elder Scrolls Online for free!
Free Pets & Mounts:

Some images in this video are from the ESO Fashion website. It is an awesome database, make sure to check them out!

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  1. Texture work of ESO is sucks. Everything looks like " flat" impression, especially for costume texture.
    Need more "broad Bevel detail area" for normal maps, otherwise tangent normal texture just doesn't work.
    Moreover, glossiness(or roughness) is too much high all over the texture area. It needs more good looking
    glossiness contrast. And…that horse head model is really sucks. What kind of "daedra modeler" did that disaster?

  2. i'm not sure if you will see this, due to the fact of this video being over 2 yrs old, but i was wondering if you knew if the "Style page pirate skeletons mask" is dropping from vet blackheart haven. I want to go for it but do not want to waste my time if no longer dropping from there. I can find nothing about it anywhere online. Thank you for any current info you may have 🙂

  3. To gain the Emperor Costume is not easy that is false information. 1st u need a good another character to fight other players with 2nd you will need to make the campaign you wanna push emperor with your main campaign 3rd you will need to grind your way up to 1st place of your alliance leaderboard and stay there cause other members of that same alliance are doing the same fighting to claim first place so they can become emperor. 4th you will need to take all the 6 keeps around the imperial city to become emperor. This is the hardest place out of becoming emperor other then fighting to stay first place. You will need to take all 6 keeps around the imperial city and defend them from the other 2 alliances trying to take the keep and declining your emperor push. So this means you and your whole alliance better hope they help you because they can turn help the other alliances and dont repair the keeps walls and doors so the other alliance can just flood in the keep and take it in 2 seconds. If all 5 keeps are the colour of your alliance make the last emp keep the same colour as the rest of em and be prepared for a huge fight take that and then boom you are now the emperor and will have the title costume and the dye colour and will be emperor untill the last emp keep in taken off u. That everyone is how you get the emperor costume easy said then done really.

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