Fire-Breathing Dragon Balloon Hats!

These amazing fire-breathing dragon balloon hats will command the attention of everyone that sees them.
•4X green 260
•3X 160 (red, orange, yellow)
•260 scrap (for 3-D eyes)
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  1. Omg these are awesome sage, I love the design ! I don't normally like the traditional dragon most twisters do so I don't do dragons period cause I don't think it looks like a dragon but these are bada$$ will definitely be practicing these until I get it down, love the fact that u can wear it too.

    On a another note I recently purchased some LEDs as per your suggestion on another video but is there a specific type? I feel like mine keep facing the wrong way and go upside down , any info would help. I plan to sell lit balloons at night

  2. Hello Sage! Yesterday I did this creation and it was a hit. I'm learning a lot with the way you explain each design, especially easy for beginners like me. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!
    You can check the final result at my Instagram account marina.purpurina

  3. Your stuff is always fantastic, Sage. This dragon's head made my wife's birthday something cool. I would love to see a video on your creative process; the thought process, planning, and design of your creations. I'd really love to see the insight behind the creativity.

  4. Thanks. I added 321's for horns and added a 3rd nose horn and ear twists to stabilize the top of nose. This design cold easily be transformed into a rhino design. Good stuff.

  5. I just made this design! I've been twisting with balloons for a few months now and this was kind of my graduation test to check if I could do more complicated designs. I'm pretty happy with the result! I messed a few things up but that's alright. The snout kept untwisting so I tightend that a bit with an extra uninflated balloon, and the snout also came out a bit wrong because I didn't have enough of my balloons left. The neck also is a bit sloppy, as are the flames… But it looks like a dragon! And a pretty cool one at that thanks to your design! Thanks very much for your video! You rock!

  6. Is this quick enough for you to do at kids parties? What else do you do besides kids parties? I did a festival and it cost me to buy a vendor spot. I definitely make more doing kids parties and don't have to pay to be there or spend as much in overhead costs.

  7. This is best balloon hat I have ever seen. Ever. I absolutely love this design – you are a natural at teaching btw – i want to make this with black balloons for the dragon and metallic for the eyes and fire. Thank you so much .

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