Felt Cowboy Hats – Part 2

A simple video on some pointers for hat care and etiquette.

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  1. Boy I got chewed out holding the door for a woman in Santa Fe. I dont need your help! I am perfectly capable of opening my own door thank you very much she screamed. Me: You know what I hold the door for everyone, MEN and Women so get over yourself. I was taken back a bit, never in my life experienced anything like that.

  2. I was always taught, and still do today, to take my hat off when I meet someone for the first time or when I greet a woman or someone I hold in high regard and shake hands. I usually leave it on when I greet my buddies.

  3. Amazing information,reminds me of sitting with my grandpa & listening to his wisdom,stories & life advice,you may offend some but others will stay,had the love of 1 women for 26 years & special doesn't being to cover her,offend someone lol I offend people because I'm a Veteran,haters going to hate that simple,keep the good videos comming

  4. Great video, I love my hats I tip my hat to a lady I also take it off in the presents of a lady, the natl. Anthem and prayer if a person wears a hat he should know hat etiquette or else quite wearing it

  5. Very interesting video, I realised I know nothing about hats, and like all things there seems to be a lot to know. I like that you respect women and think they are special, but many before you have have used this as the golden handcuffs, God gave you these wonderful gifts as women to have children, be Mothers and wives, but for many thats a guilded cage, as long as all women are special not just the ones that fit the mould then I will always appreciate someone showing respect.

  6. Really good wisdom shared here. And yes, us practical ladies still very much enjoy a genuine gentleman (personal opinion). I would love to see a video about how a lady of the western lifestyle can fit in. And some etiquette of a lady in this life style as Well. Great video as usual.

  7. I was at a bar in Nashville that had live entertainment, wearing my black leather cowboy hat; when a woman tapped my shoulder and asked me if I was "a Locash Cowboy"? Now; I had never heard of that group. So I turned to her and answered " How can you see the contents of my wallet through my jeans?"

  8. I go to a cowboy cowboy church in north Arkansas and we where our cowboy hats in church we take them off when we pray. Some people may say that’s disrespecting the lord but I disagree because the Holy Spirit has been moving so much in our church our church led in babtizem in the state of Arkansas last year

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