Felt Cowboy Hats – Part 1

What to know before buying a felt cowboy hat, and answers to questions regarding my personal hats

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  1. I enjoyed your video about shaping your hats. I'm 70 years old and been wearing hats and boots as far back as I can remember. I bought my next to last hat from Rand's Hat Co. and like you I reshaped it, the shape looked good in the picture but on my head it just didn't cut it. haha Another thing I was thinking about the other day. I use to Rodeo in my younger days and it was fun to check out other cowboy's hat creases to see if I liked any of them better than mine, but here in the last few years it seems all the hat wearer's have become communist. Everyone seems to be wearing hats with the same shape, have you noticed this? The front is straight and the sides are bent up at a 90 degrees. What is going on this that??

  2. I'm with you on 4x or better when it comes to the felt. I thought it was just me thinking the quality had dropped off through the years.
    I had a 5x Bailey in silverbelly for a lot of years. Lining "rotted out", so it became my flyfishing hat. The stitching finally gave out between the brim and crown. Never replaced it. Never found another that fit like it.

  3. i bought a Shorty's Caboy hattery hat in Oklahoma City. 100 percent beaver felt. love the hat. They custom built it for me I have to say after wearing a custom made hat other hats just dont feel the same. It fits all the way around my head. I will have this hat for the rest of my life.

  4. Hey Dwayne, What track were you at in Florida? I’ve ridden in Louisiana, Texas and Arizona as a jockey. I’ve been wanting to get into ranching for a long time. Got any tips on how to get into it?

  5. Love my silverbelly Gus! Replaced the leather band with a horsehair one, and couldn't be happier!

    Funnily, I didn't even know who Gus was when I got it. Watched Lonesome Dove after finding out it was his, and loved the show! Working my way through the books at the moment.

  6. The whole wardrobe – everything has its niche. My jeans are Levi's and you'll never see them in a washer or dryer – a dryer on occasion. People have asked me why I hand wash my jeans or get them dry cleaned and it's because they are not meant to be washed in a washer! If you ever do a load of laundry and the old lady says NO YOU DO JEANS SEPERATE! Do a load once and stop it before it drains and rinses – that water is BLUE – from the dye that is used leeching out of the jeans! Just like hats, jeans need to be preserved. In the old days, people didn't have but three sets of clothes, work, work, and your Sunday Best along with a vest and light denim jacket. It was expensive to get new and the trading posts didn't always have something that fit right. And in respect for your wife or parents, or even grand parents, who would tear the seams out of what works for you, they would make a pattern and hand craft your wardrobe using fabric from the outposts. It was cheaper and it was custom fit. Not having your clothes fade meant they looked their best always. Now looks in the Cowboy days, including the Cowboy hat, are where the term "FIRST IMPRESSION" came from as well as, "A man of his word." Etiquette meant you're selling those cattle if it's good, or you're not selling a d*mn thing! This goes all the way down to your boots and how well they are kept and up to the leather saddle you ride on and how well your other you is treated, your horse. You also didn't have a chance to take a bath all that often, so keeping your wardrobe clean and "KEPT" helped you stay presentable and welcoming. (You didn't look and smell like sh*t!) This is all known, but not all handed down. Now a days things are taken for granted. But there are those of us, such as me here in South Dakota, that are keeping the culture alive along with Dry Creek Wrangler School! Hooah! #RockSteady

  7. I highly appreciate your genuine and firm conduct of the video … living in Bavaria the style of hat do differ considerably though there are a lot of cows and farms close by 🙂 .. so I wanted to share my notion that someones 'tools' in general can tell a lot, that is for things having gained patina from work . Thanks and all the best from Munich

  8. LOL. I cowboyed with an old hand when I was in college back in the 70s in north central Oklahoma and he told me the best way to shape a hat was to soak it. Glad to hear someone else does the same. Also, I agree about not letting anyone touch or wear your hat. Lost mine to a pretty girl at a David Allan Coe concert Memorial Day weekend in 1978. I asked her to dance and after a few beers she wanted to wear my hat. Went to the restroom and when I came back, she and my hat were gone.

  9. Personally I prefer a Black hat. Everything black. I like being exactly the opposite of the old Westerns where the Bad Guy wore all black and the good guys always wore white/light colors. So what if everybody thinks that I am the "Bad Guy".

  10. hat should be not only cool and fashionable but very functional, I really enjoy the akubras . A handful of them come unbashed – I think I've reshaped about all my head gear and trimmed some brims back … good info .spot on

  11. I am so glad you mentioned Akubra. Being an Australian cowboy myself I have a deep love for that brand in particular. I personally wear a Akubra “rough rider”. It’s in black colour with imperial quality fur felt finish with a beautiful sewn and twined leather band with a tail feather spur on-top. One of my favourite features is the eye opening brand design inside the hat in a white satin finish. It’s my favourite style hat being a rodeo western look aswell. Great video as always, get excited all the time when Aussie things are mentioned in these great videos. Awesome work! One of my top clicked on channels now.

  12. Do cowboys have special heads so that when they fall off their heads are never hurt, they never get concussion, brain injuries or even die? I've come off a lot over the years but the worst was on tarmac (he spooked very badly going through a gate) and I kept my helmet as a 'souvenir'. The fibre glass split into shards, I felt sick for weeks with mild concussion, without my hat I would have been badly hurt and definitely gone to hospital. Unusually I ride Western in the UK but the saddle might be a bit different and the reins are split but a spooky horse is the same in the US or UK. I wonder when cowboys will start to wear hard hats, look at football, no one 'heads' the ball these days.

  13. As a trapper I’ve always been proud to know the beaver pelts I harvest go to make some of the best cowboy hats in the world.🤙🏽 great video! And great channel! Other than riding broncs in high school rodeo I am not anything of a horseman, I can stay on and spur a the wild ones but I know very little about horses and how to actually ride a normal horse. but I love listening to you and appreciate you taking the time to produce these videos. Stay safe out there and keep up the good work!

  14. I have two wool hats one has felt in it as well sometimes I wear these just going out to a store and back or out to eat but I have one twister m&f Bngaroo hat and it's a woven fiber hat and lackerd propbly tree that was made into to paper like strips and it holds up in the rain for getting to from a to b but like you said for something to hold up to real wear and tear nothing under 4 x

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